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About this mod

A library that helps you add items, sprites, crafting logic, and much more, into the game the easy way!
Spend less time figuring out how to get your mod to work and more time on what you can do with it!

Permissions and credits
SMLHelper has been deprecated and will no longer receive updates.
Many mods are now using Nautilus instead. You may need to install both libraries.

A library that helps you add items, models, sprites, etc into the game in a very easy way!

Before asking any questions, please read the FAQ!

Also, DO NOT try to change the files in the Modding Helper folder, especially the
folders that contain the word "Cache". They are very crucial in
determining how SMLHelper will add items into the game, and it is REQUIRED that they are not touched, especially if you don't know what you're doing!

1. Download and install QMods.
2. Download the archive.
3. Open up the archive with WinRar or 7zip. 
4. Drag-and-drop the "SMLHelper_BZ" folder into your QMods folder. (if
your QMods folder doesn't exist, run the game at least once so that
QModManager can make it, or you can make the folder yourself.)

FAQ - For Players

What is this?
This library is basically allows you to easily communicate with the game so
that you can focus more on the mod's features you are developing. It
does nothing on its own, but is rather a "tool" to help other mods.

What's the difference between this version and the one for the original Subnautica?
There were some big changes made in Below Zero to how crafting data is handled.
Because of that, we had to rediscover how to handle patching of craft data all over again.
And that means we also had to figure out a way to be able to keep SMLHelper moving forward on both games at the same time.

FAQ - For Modders

How do I enable debug logging?

  • Debug logging (for development and troubleshooting) can be enabled by changing the value in the new file EnableDebugLogs.txt.
  • Debug logging can also be toggled from the in-game Mods menu, however, since
    most of the SMLHelper actions (and thus logs) take place before the main menu loads, this will mostly only be useful for subsequent loads of the game.

Will I have to completely re-write my Subnautica mods that used SMLHelper when porting them to Below Zero?
Not really. But you will need to make a few changes.
Pay close attention to the new handling of blueprint/recipe data.
The old TechData class is now RecipeData in Below Zero.
All of the original Handler APIs are still present in SMLHelper Zero so it shouldn't take much effort to make the jump.

Does this mean development for SMLHelper is now split between the two games?
Not at all. There will still be a single repo and a single branch serving both games.
We will do our best to keep everything together.
However, each game will have it's one separate DLL

Additional Resources

For modders and developers:
Please refer to the Wiki to get to know how to use this library!
And here's the source code:

For players:
As of the 2.1 release, there is a new Language Patcher feature in SMLHelper
You can use this to provide your own custom translations or alternate text for any SMLHelper enabled mod.
Learn how to use the Language Overrides on the wiki