Subnautica: Below Zero
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Versions of the basic, composite, and chic plant pots suitable for use on land or underwater (not in a base.)

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What it Does:
This mod will add three plant pots (Basic, Composite, and Chic) to the Exterior Modules build menu.  These can be built underwater or on land (but not in a base) and have 4 seed slots each just like their base counterparts.

They look exactly like the Interior Modules versions of the same.  The only difference is where they can be placed.  They function exactly like an Exterior Growbed except for the number of seed/plant slots.  Where you place them determines what can be planted in them just like the growbed.

These pots will each become available for use when you acquire the blueprint for the interior version of the same pot.  There is a config option "Require Exterior Growbed" that will require you to acquire blueprints for the Exterior Growbed before these pots will appear in your build menu, instead.


Extract the archive into your QMods folder

Credit Where Credit is Due:
I recently decided to revisit Subnautica and play it again.  when I did, I learned that a) there was a new-to-me DLC (Below Zero) and b) there are mods now.  (When I last played Subnautica, the only "mods" on Nexus were reshades.)

I ran across the Exterior Plant Pots mod for Subnautica.  It seemed useful, it was never "ported" to Below Zero, and it seemed like it should be simple enough for me to use it as a starting point to learn how to create Subnautica & Below Zero mods for myself.  So I found the Beginners Guide to Modding Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero and got started.

AHK1221 gets full credit for the idea, but I wanted to do a complete rewrite, leveraging SMLHelper in ways that the original mod didn't.  Additional thanks to the good folks at the Subnautica Modding Discord and the authors of several open-source GitHub repos (SMLHelper wiki, MrPurple6411, zorgesho, and others) that I referenced for some code examples.