Subnautica: Below Zero
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A better seaglide where you can set the light color the cone size,range and intensity, you can also change the color of the seaglide.

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All the settings for this mod are in the options menu under mods.

You can adjust the cone size of the seaglide light so it cover a lot more area

You can set the rgb colors of the light if your little heart desires it but enabled it in the settings under options in the mods menu, you need to go back one menu or exit the menu for the rgb slider to show up.

Intensity is pretty much explains itself

Range, is the range at which the light will reach.

Ever wanted to change the color of your seaglide? Well now you can.
In Options>Mod Options If you enable the check box "Show Seaglide Color Settings" then go back to the main menu then back to mod options sliders will show up to change the RGB Values of your seaglide. If you would like to hide the sliders you can uncheck "Show Seaglide Color" unchecking the box will not change your seaglide back to default color(it's so you don't have so many sliders on your menu)

I have named this mod Betterseaglide because i have future plans for the seaglide, but somone had requested a better light for the seaglide so I released this with just light function for now.