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About this mod

Completely reshape the crafts of Subnautica as you wish. Or create your own new items. No coding required!

Permissions and credits
Requires SMLHelper(Bepinex)

A full remake of the popular CustomCraft mod by Iw23J, built on SMLHelper for better compatibility with other mods.

Currently Supported Features
For full details of current features, check the auto-generated README file.
  • Modify existing crafting recipes.
  • Add crafting recipes for items normally not crafted.
  • Create your own custom items or alternate ways to craft existing ones.
  • Custom items can even copy some basic in-game functionality of existing items, all without any coding.
  • Customize how your added or modified recipes will unlock in-game.
  • Organized new recipes into the PDA blueprint menu.
  • Customize the energy values of items in the BioReactor
  • Move, remove, or copy any crafting node within the same fabricator or from one to another.
  • Create your own custom fabricators!
  • Create your own custom food! with permission from yenzgaming
  • Instructions and sample files provided to help learn to make your own custom crafts.
  • Original recipes for all existing in-game items generated on first load to give you a head start on making your own crafts.
  • Combine CC2 plugins across multiple files. Just drop them all in the WorkingFiles folder.
  • Now compatible with all modded items created using SMLHelper V2.

Special Thanks to M3dicCookie for extensive beta testing, documentation, assistance, and for publishing many CC2 creations

Before you download

Be aware that this mod takes a very different approach to how the original Custom Craft mod works.
You won't be able to bring your old Custom Craft json files to use here.
The file syntax is also completely different. (More on that down below)


  • You must have Bepinex installed to run any mod.
  • Custom Craft 2 requires SMLHelper V2 (at least version 2.6.4).
  • Once the above are installed, you can extract the zip file into your QMods folder. You should see a new folder named CustomCraft2SML.

Installing Plug-ins

  • All txt files should go inside the WorkingFiles folder. (you can include sub-folders here to organize your files)
  • All png image files should go into the Assets folder.

Getting Started with your own Custom Crafts
If this is the first time you're downloading this mod, or if you've just downloaded a new version, you will need to load the game once so all the required text files can be generated.
You don't even need to start the game. Just loading into the title screen is enough.

Once you have your files, take a look at the sample files provided in the archive and read through the README_HowToUseThisMod.txt file.
This file will generated the first time you launch the game and after every update of CC2.
You'll find all the instructions you need to start making your own custom crafts in no time.
Check out the generated original recipe files to get yourself up and running even quicker.

Known Incompatibilities & Limitations

1. Two mods cannot add the same recipe.

If you are running a mod (or CC2 plugin) that adds a new recipe for an existing in-game item, you won't also be able to create a new recipe for that same item using this mod.
Example: if another mod has already added a crafting recipe for the Nutrient Block, then you cannot use AddedRecipes to make another recipe for it.
You either have to disable that recipe or remove it from your own Added Recipes.
If you really do want to have multiple recipes that all create the same item, you'll need to use the new Alias Recipes instead.

2. Two mods cannot move the same crafting nodes.
If you are running a mod (or CC2 plugin) that removes or copies and existing crafting node to another fabricator, you won't be able to move or copy those same nodes using this mod.
Example: If another mod is already moving or cloning crafting nodes from one fabricator to another, you cannot use MovedRecipes to make your own copies of those craft nodes on a third fabricator.

Editing items from other mods using your custom crafts
Any items created by mods built with SMLHelper V2 APIs can be modified using CustomCraft2.
DO NOT ask mod authors to update their mods to be "compatible with CC2".
It is up to YOU, the person making a custom craft plugin, to figure out what you need get your custom crafts working.
Either check out the mod's the source code or check in your own TechTypeCache (inside Modding Helper) for the ItemIDs you're looking for.

An ongoing project
While the features listed are powerful, there's more this mod could do.
That's where you come in. If there's a feature you think could be added into CustomCraft2, please post it.
If it's possible, it will be added.

It is Highly Recommended that you also use the Radial Tabs mod as more and more mods continue expanding the crafting trees far beyond what the UWE devs ever intended.

About EasyMarkup

Special formatting is required by the text files so they can be converted from simple text into the actual code that talks to SMLHelper.
I call this format EasyMarkup. It is a fully custom syntax made for serialization and deserialization of recursive data objects.
It was built from the ground up with the goal of being easy to read, simple to understand, and with the minimum amount of boilerplate mess.
While JSON or XML would have served this just as well, I wanted the players to have something just that little bit cleaner.
Work is continually being done on EasyMarkup, so it isn't being released as a fully independent library, but if you are a modder interested in using it yourself, check the source code and ask me if EasyMarkup is right for your next mod.

Source code: