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B.A.S.E. expands and enhances outpost building by offering some critical building items - foundations, walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, doors, and more! Snapping all of them together, making clean corners, while allowing for design freedom! And more to come!

Permissions and credits
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Starfield Outpost building is a dream come true! Until you realize how limited it is...

But B.A.S.E. is here to save the day!

I believe name says it all B.A.S.E. - (B)uilding (A)dvanced (S)pace (E)ncampments!

One of top few most wanted mods for Starfield in Settlements category!

    2nd by endorsements!

    1st by total downloads!

    5th by unique downloads!

    3rd by trending - and in top trending for 3 months now!

No more pre-made hubs only! You can now build an actual buildings, from foundation as a base, with individual wall pieces, windows, stairs, floors, ceilings/roofs and even airlocks and doors! And best of all - all of this happens inside vanilla "Workshop" (Outpost Builder). The mechanics of building are same as you're used to! And it all snaps together nicely!

This is a complete working builder's mod:
  • Build large concrete foundations (in multiple sizes and variations) so you have a flat space without rocks and misc stuff
  • Foundations are built in a 2-click format (like vanilla hubs) - first you place it, click to anchor to the spot, then use up/down to raise it as high as you need it, with second click to actually finish the building process, and depending on your choice it will automatically add columns and stairs to the foundation!
  • Next come the standalone stairs, and while you can use automatic stairs, you can also snap stairs at a few points of the foundation, then snap stairs until you hit the ground level, so you can access your foundation level nicely
  • You can add more foundations around (and over/under) the initial one to make it look better or add more building space!
  • Once you have access, you can start adding walls : "full" walls (no windows or passages), wall pieces for doors/entrances with openings in different sizes (some of which snap to existing airlocks), pieces with window openings - some of them with glass, some without, C-shaped walls for hangars, and so on!
  • Pieces for habs, everything game has to offer from hydroponic (glass) buildings and new colony (wood/metal) hubs! The colony type is something you don't even have in vanilla outposts, but it's all available now! Total list: 27 hydroponic pieces (walls, ceilings, floors, in/out corners, door openings and windows!), 20 more colony type pieces, 31 science hub pieces, 14 military pieces, 27 custom blue-glass hydroponic pieces, 6 science hull pieces - and more coming all the time!
  • You can place ceiling/floor pieces and snap them to the walls and corners for a nice complete build! Includes two-floor (double hub) pieces!
  • Then if you want you can place several types of stairs inside your buildings to reach 2nd floor, and repeat for each floor! Or use any of the wood, stone or catwalk stairs for interiors and exteriors! Also works great with other mods like "Catwalks" (see mod recommendations section below)
  • Finally, you can now also attach airlocks and DOORS! to have actual entrances (pick airlocks from vanilla or "Catwalks", both work, or my own new doors!); sure you can also keep it without doors if you want a more open type build, in that case there are also large archway pieces for even more commodity!
  • Foundations as well as floor/ceiling tiles accept placing normal furniture and other decorative items on them, so you can furnish your new home or base as you see fit! Again, works great with other outpost mods like Outpost Construction Expanded, check below for my personal recommendations!
  • The Dome! (released in v2.0, description below) - breathable space in outposts!

Amount of items is continually increasing, though I spend most of the time on the technicalities, such as snapping points, icons, and working around limitations presented by the lack of Creation Kit (and changes in how engine works in Starfield).

In the future I am already planning to add even more military and industrial pieces from existing vanilla hubs, but do note I'm talking pieces! So you can build the size and shape of hubs as you like, not as you're told by Bethesda! :-) Check the gallery and videos for a lot of examples, but - your imagination is the only limit! :-)

Need something specific? Post your wishes in comments!


If you feel generous today (or in the future) remember you can always buy me a Ko-Fi! Part of the donations will be forwarded to xEdit Ko-Fi/Patreon, and I will use the rest to keep me energized while I am spending hours upon hours staring at the screen trying to get snaps to line up properly! :-)

Note: This mod will always be free, all updates are free, any request you have (if I can do it) will be made free! Have fun playing, the same way I'm having fun modding (and playing :-) ) ! Donations are just a small way for me to feel better at the end of the day (week, month... decade) :-)


Update 2023-11-23: Version 1.5 - 27 hydroponic hub pieces added to the builder
Update 2023-11-25: Version 1.6a - 20 civilian hub pieces added to the builder
Update 2023-11-25: Version 1.6a - small door openings now snap to airlocks
Update 2023-11-27: Version 1.7 - 31 science hub pieces added to the builder
Update 2023-11-29: Version 1.8 - icons everywhere, and remade to be in better quality and sharper
Update 2023-11-30: Version 1.9 - added 2 airlocks, plus added more compatibility with mod "Catwalks"
Update 2023-12-06: Version 2.0 - added The Dome & Dome-mini, 2 lights, 14 military hub pieces, etc.
Update 2023-12-09: Version 2.1 - added 9 military hub pieces, and ALL NEW! 40+ items getting manually made navmesh for your NPCs to walk on
Update 2023-12-17: Version 2.2 - added 2 stairs, but mostly bugfix & polish release - many new snaps, fixes, tweaks
   Happy holidays! Holidays delayed 2.3 release but here it is finally!
Update 2023-12-29: Version 2.3 - added XXL landing pad, new custom hydroponic style with blue patterned glass (28 pcs), copies of vanilla habs and hallways with better snapping and increased height, completely new building style (science hulls), snapping between custom buildings and vanilla habs and hallways, new glass hallway piece, and more!
Update 2024-01-09: Version 2.4 - added 4 doors, 1 stair, 4 foundation variations, snaps and fixes, 53 icons (ALL items have them now!), new look for The Dome!
Update 2024-01-31: Version 2.5 - added new industrial building style pieces, new stair, door, and all-in-one lavatory/shower/toilette!

Please check the change log section here above description for news about new items and features!

Likewise, you can find more information about what's new and what's coming soon in my new dev (b)log here on Nexus.

To read all information about (optional) icon pack please check separate article.

Also please check optional files for great snapping template for vanilla storage containers!

For more visual presentation please check the image gallery and the videos!

The Dome (included with B.A.S.E. 2.0)

The Dome is a machine that helps form the habitable environment on otherwise unhospitable planets and moons.
Based on the idea from Future-Tech's G.E.C.K. project, it spreads the Earth-like atmosphere around itself, and allows you to start terraforming process, and run around without a protective gear even on an airless moon!
If you build one near the Outpost Beacon it will cover roughly the same area, and will do so in a sphere shape.
Legal Notice - we will not assume responsibility for deaths caused by (but not limited to) : encounters with alien life forms, explosions by meteor impacts, spontaneous combustion from fire vents, despicable acts of madness by gas vents, face melting acid rain or acts of god!

Note: The Dome (standalone) has also been released. If you use B.A.S.E. you do NOT need to download standalone version! While both can be installed at the same time, it will just show 4 items instead of 2 (each in separate item list).


This mod requires Plugins.txt Enabler which also requires SFSE or ASIL (GamePass) because it was made in xEdit and is packaged as .ESM plugin file.

Please read detailed instructions provided by SFSE and Plugins.txt Enabler if you have not used any ESM mods yet! Open their respective pages and the instructions are all there!

After you have requirements taken care of, please add the following lines to your Plugins.txt file, complete text file should look like this:

# This file is used by Starfield to keep track of your downloaded content.

From v.2.0 you will also need to place meshes of The Dome into path such as:

C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data\meshes\Lux\thedome01.nif

and / or

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starfield\Data\meshes\Lux\thedome01.nif

For this to actually load you also need to enable loose files in the file:

...\My Documents\My Games\Starfield\StarfieldCustom.ini

... by adding the following lines (if you haven't done that already for hundreds of other mods that use the same system of installation):


Save the .txt and .ini files and start the game using sfse_loader.exe. (Or for GamePass follow instructions provided by Plugins.txt Enabler and ASIL)

Note that this mod should work just fine with GamePass version as well, please just make sure to follow Plugin.txt Enabler instructions specific for the GamePass modding and ASIL. I only have Steam version so can't provide any support unless you get the Plugins.exe Enabler and ASI Loader to work on your installation, as I have no experience with GamePass version.

Installing optional icon pack or optional StarUI Outpost variant

Please read dedicated article which contains all the details!


I would recommend everyone to use the following tweaks!

In this INI file:

C:\[your user path]\My Documents\My Games\Starfield\StarfieldCustom.ini
Add the following block:


This will speed up snapping when moving mouse cursor, so that you can place your items faster and with better precision. It's a huge improvement for me personally!

Suggested mods

I would suggest other outpost mods for true builders. All modules and pieces should be compatible! Just don't expect miracles :-)

Outpost Construction Expanded (Even More Outpost Objects)
Catwalks (including few airlock variations; works great together thanks to shared snapping points!)
B.A.S.E. - Better container snapping (my own)

For additional UI options also check out StarUI Outpost

(Note: More Outpost Objects was taken down, but even though you can get still find a file from before being taken down, please use Outpost Construction Expanded / Even More Outpost Objects as the two mods have been merged, saving the effort made by Ravageron, big thanks to both modders for doing this!)


First and foremost huge thanks to the xEdit team lead by ElminsterAU - without the tools it would be impossible to mod at all!
Please visit official Nexus page for xEdit / SF1Edit and check out the donations, Patreon and other options. If you want to donate to mod makers make sure to also donate to the people that made the tools enabling us to mod!

I am not going to name each person individually, but big thanks to everyone on xEdit and Collective Modding Discord servers, you've helped a lot with your suggestions, tips, tricks, guides, YT videos, how-to's, testing, and general support and cheering for the success of this mod! Thank you all - you know who you are! But special thanks from this group goes to The Inquisitor for cheering me through my ups and downs, please check his awesome mods! Also since Dec '23 a lot of chatting and support from MXNovaKnight !

Not to forget the obvious, thanks to Bethesda for this awesome game :-)