About this mod

Simple mod that adds ~610 objects to the build menus. Many of those items are sectional or modular pieces. There are two forks of this mod, a standard one and one optional experimental. Read below for more info. Hats off to SKK50 who added the script to dump object id's from in game. As well as Ravageron for thier More Outpost Objects.

Permissions and credits
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Update : 6/14/24 Meshes have been fixed. A few new plants and other items. Icons are now enabled by default. (there are currently only ~110 icons of the 600+ items in this mod. Sorry for the major delay guys. Life happens but I appreciate everyone who wished me well as I have been gone. More details here: Changelog for v1.16


These objects were pulled from in game or stumbled upon in SF1Edit. They work within the Outpost Builder or in the ship decorator. Mod is an .esm made within xEdit. Special thanks to the xEdit team who's hard work has literally enabled thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of hours of fun for the community using xEdit based mods.

Also huge shoutout to SKK50 for their script that enables anyyone to pull Object IDs while wandering around a playthrough. Link to SKK tools to find Object IDs: SKK Global Utility Script (Legacy) Thanks to user 'tomsite' for commenting this info!

Special thanks to LuxZg for their assistance with snaps and devoting so much time to our collaborative effort of "Let there be light!" update. There was literal blood, sweat and tears put into this update. Ok maybe a bit dramatic, but it was a literal mountain of effort! Make sure to check out Lux's mod B.A.S.E. here: B.A.S.E. - Building Advanced Space Encampments. These two mods are beautiful compliments to each other!!!

'Even More Outpost Objects' has now been merged with 'More Outpost Objects'. Now the two together add ~430 Items to the build menus. Special thanks to Ravageron for his original work on 'More Outpost Objects' and for giving permission to use his files after he deleted his mod. This collaborative effort will be named "Outpost Construction Expanded"

What's the difference between the two files and which ones do I want?
The standard version will be everything that has been relatively pain free and places as expected.
The experimental version will have additional objects that are either difficult to place, cannot be moved after placing, have some aspect broken in them like animations or reflections, or they are there while I investigate reported issues from other users and see if any users report similar issues. If I can replicate an issue and am unable to fix it, the object will NOT be added to experimental.

For any playthrough the following mod is an easy recommendation, but especially if you are using expiremental fork. I recommend AutoHotKey configuration if you are going to use this fork, this way you can use hotkeys to move (as well as change size, adjust angles) of object within console commands. Checkout Fast House and Ship Builder - Object Spawner - Map Editor. This mod is really neat as I have been able to build custom ship interiors by combining console command 'spawn dupe', the 'getpos' hotkey and 'setpos' hotkey. That on top of manipulating any item in your outpost. BIIIIIG RECOMMEND.

Experimental addon of Even More Outpost Objects

  • All experimental objects will have a description in build menu outlining whats broken/if it cannot be moved after placement.
  • As objects are moved from experimental to the standard version, as long as you have both mod versions installed and updated simultaneously, you will be able to move and retain the objects you've built in experimental. If you only install or update the experimental version, any updates may remove the placed objects in your outposts, as they are moved to the standard mod.  

How to install?
Fairly simple, select your file(s) of choice and download with Vortex. Then add either or both of the following to your plugins.txt file based on mod versions you installed. Vortex will place More_Outpost_Objects.esm into your Data folder but you do not need to place it in plugins.txt, Even More Outpost Objects looks to MOO as a master, allowing placements of all items from MOO.

Then boot up your game and enjoy!!!

For Icons, please see the 'Articles' page for instructions!!!

If you have any object ID's you'd like to see implemented, you can comment with the object id(s) and I'll look into it! I want to make this as extensive as possible. Thanks to the amazing community here and I hope you enjoy my simple mod!

DISCLAIMER: This is my first mod for any Bethesda title, though I try to model my work off established mods, or xEdit registries from in game; there may be unperceived issues that I have not witnessed in my own beta testing. Please ensure you are saving frequently with large changes to outpost, so in the event you need to revert saves, you are losing minimal time.

If you do notice any issues, PLEASE comment them. Mods are for adding fun and not breaking games. If there's something game breaking, I want to prioritize it and you would be helping me and your fellow gamers out immensely to provide that feedback.