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Allows the player to easily rename all vanilla farm animal types (plus horses), and replaces the original names in much of the game text. Supports all vanilla Stardew Valley languages (with caveats).

Permissions and credits

Custom Farm Animal Names lets you change the names of any of the vanilla farm animal types (plus horses) via CFAN's config file.  This new name is reflected in all the UI text and special messages related to that animal, the names and descriptions of the goods the animal produces (optionally), and assorted dialogue, secret note, book, TV show, and mail text as well.  You can also change the shop icons for any of the animals sold by Marnie, though you will need to provide your own images.

This mod is intended to add immersion to animal reskin CP mods. I also recommend using Adopt n Skin (check mod compatibility list for most recent unofficial update) or More Animals if you'd like to use different skins for the same type of animal.

Note that for now, dialogue is only changed where it refers to your own farm animals, not farm animals belonging to other people (if you change your chickens into phoenixes, you may get asked about the phoenixes on your farm, but Shane will still be into chickens.) A future update may provide the option to replace the animal name in all other dialogue as well.

Config Options

This mod has quite a lot of configuration options, and I recommend using Generic Mod Config Menu to make changing them more manageable.

Animal-specific config options:

[Animal]Name (default: false)

The new name you would like to use for this type of animal.  The first letter should be capitalized. A value of false means the animal will not be renamed.

[Animal]NamePlural (default: false)

The plural form of the animal's name.  The first letter should be capitalized.  If you leave this false but enter something for [Animal]Name, the singular name will also be used as the plural.

Retain[Animal]NameCase (Accepted values: true, false) (default: false)

Set this to true if you would like the animal name to stay capitalized in contexts where it would normally be lowercase in your language (e.g. the middle of a sentence).

[Animal]NameIsAdjective (Accepted values: true, false) (default: false)

Only brown, white, void, and golden chickens have this option. If set to true, [Animal]Name is treated as an adjective modifying whatever you have set ChickenName to (or just modifying "chicken" if you didn't set a new chicken name). For example, if ChickenName is set to "Pheasant" and you want your void chickens to become Purple Pheasants producing Purple Eggs, set VoidChickenName to "Purple", and set VoidChickenNameIsAdjective to true.  If you want your void chickens to be Purple Pheasants producing Purple Pheasant Eggs instead, set VoidChickenName to "Purple Pheasant" and set VoidChickenNameIsAdjective to false.

Modify[Animal]Products (Accepted values: true, false) (default: true)

If true, any eggs/milk/etc. produced by the animal will also be renamed, any mention of the animal in their descriptions will be replaced by the new name, and dialogue or other game text that mentions those products will be changed.

Additional Notes:

  • ModifyCowProducts, ModifyBrownChickenProducts, and ModifyWhiteChickenProducts have accepted values of name, description, both, and false.  A value of name will mean only the item names are modified, a value of description means only the item descriptions are modified, and a value of both means that both the item names and descriptions will be modified.  (If you choose to modify the names of these items, the new animal name will be added even though the original animal name wasn't there; e.g., if you rename brown chickens to "Turkey", and set ModifyBrownChickenProducts to name or both, brown Eggs and Large Eggs will become Turkey Eggs and Large Turkey Eggs.)
  • Wool and basic Mayonnaise are not changed, as they are produced by multiple different animals.

Additional config options:


Type the name of a png file in the mod'sassets/icons folder to replace that animal's icon in Marnie's shop (or the horse icon in the inventory menu for HorseIconFilename).  Leave out the .png extension.  Shop icons should be 32px by 16px, and the horse icon should be 16px by 16px.  I included an icon from my Belted Galloway mod as an example, but otherwise no icons are provided.  You will need to get them from retexture mods or make them yourself.

I edited the alpaca and deer icons in the example screenshot from Elle's New Barn Animals with permission, and the quail icon from Banties and Quails for Adopt n Skin, which permits modification.  Many mod creators are fine with people editing their assets for personal use, as long as you don't distribute the edits, but make sure to check the mod permissions and ask if you aren't sure.

ModifyAnimalShop, ModifyBooks, ModifyBuildingDescriptions, etc. (Accepted values: true, false) (default: true)

Selectively disable certain types of game text replacement by setting these to false. If you find conflicts with other mods that edit the same text, you can disable CFAN's editing of that type of text.

Mod Compatibility

Content Patcher mods load in alphabetical order, so this mod will overwrite any changes made to the same pieces of text by CP mods earlier in the alphabet, and be overwritten by CP mods later in the alphabet.

CFAN has specific compatibility patches for the following mods:

  • Better Artisan Goods by cometkins
    BAG edits the name and description of the Rabbit's Foot.  If you have Better Artisan Goods installed, CFAN will use the BAG name for the Rabbit's Foot and edit your rabbit replacement name into the BAG Rabbit's Foot item description.
  • Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion by gizzymo
    If you have CFDE installed, CFAN will replace animal names in CFDE dialogue as well as vanilla dialogue.  (The randomized festival dialogue after year 3 will not be edited.)
  • Ostrich Mayo & Golden Mayo by ughitsmegan
    The Ostrich Mayonnaise and Golden Mayonnaise from this mod will be also be renamed if you rename the Ostrich and Golden Chicken and enable modifying their products.

Translation Notes

Custom Farm Animal Names supports all languages available in the vanilla game, but it works better for some languages than others.  In languages with gendered nouns (e.g. Spanish, French, Portugese), you will see incorrectly gendered articles and adjectives if your new name has a different gender than the original.  In Korean, word-final particles that change depending on whether the base word ends with a vowel or a consonant will be incorrect if the new word would use a different version of the particle than the original.  In highly inflected languages (Hungarian, Turkish, Russian) where nouns have many different forms, CFAN's changes are not going to be grammatically correct, since it only has one singular form and one plural form to work with.  The Russian version is particularly bad.  

If you'd like to make the text more grammatically correct, you can directly edit the file for your language in CFAN's i18n folder. Tokens are the things look like {{this}}, and they are replaced by the animal name you provided when the text is displayed in the game.  For example, in Russian, you could replace the tokens {{PigName}}, {{PigNamePlu}} etc. with the correct form of your pig replacement name in i18n/ru.json.  Just keep in mind that if you later change the name of that animal again, you will need to directly edit ru.json again as well.

As a last note, I don't actually know very much of any of these languages! The text is all from the vanilla translations, but the specific pieces of text I replaced with replacement name tokens, and the minor edits I made in some places, may well have errors aside from the language-specific issues listed above.  I would greatly appreciate any corrections!

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