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Tanpopnoko and ParadigmNomad

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An outfit for every season!

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Contains an arrangement of different seasonal outfits for most characters in the game. The outfits will switch out naturally as the weather, seasons, and locations change. Finally, the villagers can stay warm in the winter. Also includes festival outfits, maternity sprites, mermaid pendant overlays, wedding sprites, and random flower queen/king!

Looking for the FAQ & Thank You's? It's been moved to GitHub!

Edit: (9/13/20) It is now highly recommended to install Generic Mod Config Menu as it now works with Content Patcher. No longer will you have to manually edit your config.json

Edit: (9/1/20) SVO is not open source. That includes the coding. If you would like to use it all it takes is a quick DM to ask and I might even provide help if I have time.

Edit: (6/15/20) Based on Tanpoponoko's original vision for SVO, an Android Lite version has been released under the optional downloads. This is primarily for Android users experiencing lag with the main download. While PC users are able to use it, you will be getting a watered down experience and is not recommended.

What does Android Lite remove?
  • Mermaid Pendant Overlays
  • Wedding Sprites
  • Random Flower Queen/King
  • A majority of the `Random` tokens and player choices
  • Moonlight Jellies festival removed
  • Some Spirits Eve options removed
  • Harvey mustache overlay (he now has a mustache only)
  • Marnie apron overlay
  • Many many outfits

Android-Lite was tested briefly and may have missing sprites/sprites not matching up. My focus will always be on the main download and that will always
take priority over bug fixes for the Android-Lite version. If you encounter an issue with it please make sure you state what version (Standard or Lite) you're using.

Edit: (5/2/20) HUGE thanks to Poltergeister and Tanpoponoko! You can now download Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic for SVE or if you'd rather stick with the vanilla style Seasonal Outfits for SVE (Vanilla Style). Comments asking when SVE characters will be added will now be removed. Keep an eye out for another version coming at a later date with more outfits. Please do not report bugs with the SVE/SVO version on this page. Report any bugs on their respective page.


This mod uses Content Patcher! Simply place the [CP] Seasonal Outfits folder into your Mods folder.

(11/29/19) Config options have been greatly changed in favor of the `Random` token added in 1.14.

For compatibility patches, check the miscellaneous files.

Config Options for CP Version
Once SMAPI runs this mod for the first time, a config.json file will be generated. This is how you can control which version of the sprite is used. See README on Github, for full documentation of all configurable options (or the content.json).

You can also use Generic Mod Config Menu to select which options now if you'd rather not edit a config.json


Here is a masterlist of all the many artists who helped compile the art used in this mod. If I (Tanpoponoko) have given permission to use assets from this mod in the past please know that that only extended exclusively to the art that I myself created. Please reference the list to ensure and ask the original artists permission to use their work if you plan on doing anything with them. If we have somehow missed giving anyone credit, please please please let us know and we will correct this ASAP.

Edit: (2/14/20) Since I (paradigmnomad) have been getting a lot of messages regarding use of art please read the above. You will need to seek permission from the individual artists. If I have give permission to use assets from this mod in the past please know that it only extends to the open source work used.