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A set of 72 natural hairstyles, including 8 headwrap styles. Does not replace the vanilla hairstyles! Requires Fashion Sense and/or Content Patcher.

Permissions and credits
Natural Hairstyles adds 72 natural hairstyles for your farmer. Afros, locs, puffs, headwraps and more. Don't see a hairstyle you'd like? Let me know!

How to Install:
  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Install Fashion Sense and/or Content Patcher.
  3. Unzip the mod folder into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  4. Run the game using SMAPI.

What's New?
Natural Hairstyles is now primarily a Fashion Sense pack! Thank you to everyone who suggested porting it, Fashion Sense is structured in a way that makes it a lot easier to add and update hairstyles. The Content Patcher version will continue to be available, but will be updated rarely/never, depending on the demand.

What's Next?
Animating the hairstyles!

What's Old? (Changelog):
  • Added support for Fashion Sense.
  • Put the Content Patcher version on hold.
  • Tweaked some hairstyles to take advantage of Fashion Sense’s bigger sprite allowances.
  • Hairstyles no longer replace vanilla game hairstyles.
  • Added 16 hairstyles.
  • Added unique left-facing sprites for some assymetric hairstyles.
  • Organized hairstyles into general groups for ease of browsing.
  • Removed support for Get Glam.
  • Initial mod upload.

Known Issues:

  • Some clipping issues with hairstyles and the farmer's arms.
  • The Content Patcher hairstyles may conflict with other hair mods if they use the same hairstyle id numbers as I do. This is very unlikely, but it could happen.

Can you add [hairstyle]?

Probably! Just send me a message and one or more reference photos and I'll see what I can do.

I have some feedback on how you named [hairstyle]...

Please send it to me! I did my best to educate myself, but I'm white and I know I’m going to have gaps in my knowledge around natural hairstyles.

Is this mod compatible with [other mod]?

The answer should be yes, as long as [other mod] doesn't conflict with Fashion Sense or Content Patcher. There is a very small chance that some other Content Patcher hair mod may use the same hairstyle id numbers as I do. In that case I expect that some of my/their hairstyles will get overridden depending on how Stardew Valley handles conflicting ids.

Content Patcher
Non-Replacing Hair Resource
Fashion Sense and it’s great wiki
Shardust's Animated Hairstyles for Fashion Sense
User dirschim for suggesting short cornrows.