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A map recolour of terrain, buildings and water, it also replaces all the trees, grasses and bushes with a new set of design.

Permissions and credits
  • . Gently toned down vanilla colours, preserving distinctive seasonal palettes with researched colour codes to reduce eye strain, (especially with natural reshade).
  • . Redesigned almost all outdoor buildings to look more natural and cohesive with the style of British countrysides.
  • . Remodeled all the trees(including farm trees), bushes, grasses and some giant flowers to make them look more natural and realistic.
  • . Added more shades to trees and bushes to make them look three dimensional.
  • . With Wildflower Grass Field, you can have 11 grass and flower types per each season.
  • . Supports all language versions.

Config option (Change them inside the "config.json" file):

"RandomGrass": "true/false"
(enable or disable random grasses.)
BloomingSpring: "true/false"
(switch between pink white trees -true/green trees with small flowers -false.)
"MiniMaps": "true/false"
(enable or disable the mini-map recolour.)
"FenceFlower": "true/false"
(enable or disable the flower on the static fences.)
"DarkPavement": "true/false"
(toggle between light or dark pavement.)

The foliage only version (compatible with other terrian recolours) is here.
Recommend to use along with Natural Color - Reshade. Install it in your game's root folder and start the game through "Launcher.bat", you can set it as boot from file in the steam for achievments as well.

Additionally, you can use the grass, dirt, cliff, water masks I provided here to further customise the colour of your terrain with ease.

Here are some tips of making sdv friendy to your eyes:


Screenshots are taken with Stadew Valley ExpandedStardew Vally Reimagined Installed.

Most of the townhouses are edited based on MissyDiabolical's design.
Beach tiles are edited based on Hojichas' edit.
Forgeable trees are edited based on Eemiestardew's Just another map recolour and Rue's Creepy Curios and Spooky Aesthetics.
Fruit trees are edited based on Chisami's reshape.
Grasses are edited based on Eemie's Wildflowers.
Cloud bus is from creamy.
Bridge flowers are edited from 왕왕멍.