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About this mod

A complete overhaul of Doctor Harvey's character - visual, dialogue, event, and character changes included.

Permissions and credits
  • Stardew Valley 1.4.5
  • SMAPI 3.5.0
  • Content Patcher 1.14.1
  • SystemWorks' Flexible Framework 1.1.3

Installation Guide

Configuration Settings
  • Mature Events (from Stardew Valley Expanded) - default: false
  • NoNose (from Poltergeister's mods) - default: true

Regarding Doctor Harvey
  • Vanilla Harvey is... lackluster, to say the least. Of all marriage candidates, Harvey's writing is the most inconsistent, uninteresting, and uninvested.
  • Far too much of his personality is focused around the fact that he is a doctor.
  • His events are uninteresting.
  • His hobbies are rarely talked about, and certainly not until late game.
  • The Doctor Hazel mod seeks to solve these problems by refocusing the writing of his dialogue and events to hone in and focus on the things that make Harvey good.

Who Doctor Hazel Actually Is

  • Doctor Hazel is a trans woman who entered the medical field in order to make a difference for people like herself. She cares deeply about the physical and mental health of others, and is outreaching in creating the space for others to feel welcome.
  • Doctor Hazel is socially reserved, though not awkward per se. Her introvertedness is a character trait, not a flaw.
  • Doctor Hazel is confident, having spent many years getting to a point of comfort with herself. She is upfront, brazen, and willing to speak her mind.
  • Doctor Hazel values self-actualization, self-respect, and self-care. She holds honesty and clear and open communication in high regard.
  • Doctor Hazel is a talented cook, and understands that a healthy diet has many varieties of components. She enjoys sharing her cooking with others, and likes most foods - other than things that are specifically sugary sweets.
  • Doctor Hazel still wished to be a pilot when she was younger, but opens up about her interest in planes much earlier.
  • Doctor Hazel occassionally overshares with those she is close with, sometimes checking to see if she's crossed a boundary after
  • Doctor Hazel knows how to hold a conversation about more than just healthcare.



Planned Updates
  • Seasonal outfits for Hazel
  • 9 heart event
  • Wine-drinking animation
  • Interactivity with future SystemWorks content packs
Known Issues
  • The dump command is split along genders assigned at birth.
  • The flower dance is split along genders assigned at birth.
  • Clinic sometimes requires a reload of the save before it will register that you are dating Hazel and can come in between 6-10.
  • Radio/flight event may have a graphical issue when zoomed out.

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