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Gives you 379 lines of dialogue, 200+ lines of marriage dialogue, new heart events, schedule, and gift tastes.

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  • Spanish
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  • Mandarin
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This mod will (hopefully) give you a more immersive experience by exploring Shane's character arc. You can use this whether or not you want to romance him!


  Event Changes
I made new events and tweaked the vanilla ones to make a deeper, more cohesive narrative:

  • The 2-heart event now lets you choose whether or not to accept a drink from Shane. This choice will not affect your relationship because Shane doesn't judge.
  • The 4-heart event is now dependent on the 2-heart event. This way, they'll be sure to play in chronological order.
  • A new post-Community Center completion event that addresses Shane's unemployment after JojaMart closes.

How to trigger:


  • Tweaks to the 7-heart event for a deeper look at Jas and Shane's relationship, and how his behavior affected it. You'll get an actual conversation between the two where Shane addresses their problems.

  • A new 8-heart event in year 3 that'll add to endgame content and show you the progress that Shane's made at improving his life.

How to trigger:


  • The vanilla 10-heart event was moved to happen at 8 hearts if you're dating him. The event itself seemed like something that would happen when you start dating (e.g. at 8 hearts), and not when you're already in an established relationship. You now have a choice to kiss him or not, and this choice won't affect your relationship. I also changed a tiny bit of the dialogue to reflect his sobriety.
  • A new 10-heart event that reflects that you're in an established relationship. Kinda cheesy, but we all know that Shane's a cornball!
How to trigger:


And a few little surprises here and there!

Shane has 34 used lines in the vanilla game. I kept most of those and wrote 340 more! Here are their special features:

  • You'll see each line of dialogue once a month at most. There are also a bunch of lines that you'll only see once a year because they're set to play at specific heart levels, seasons, and days of the month. This will make things more interesting and less repetitive!
  • Custom strings. He now has his own unique comments when you dig through the trash, etc. etc. Some of these lines will only play if you have aedenthorn's Custom Fixed Dialogue installed.
  • Questions. Shane originally has no questions in his dialogue, so I added at least one question for each even-numbered heart level.

Honestly, this is the best option

  • He gives you gifts. Like buddies (and sometimes, acquaintances) do!
  • Shane talks about events and festivals. I always found it weird how no one ever talks about upcoming events, so I fixed that! Shane will now talk about birthdays and festivals on the day before and on the day of. What he'll say about them will depend on his heart level, of course.

The day before the Luau at 8 hearts

  • Shane talks about his family and friends. As his arc progresses, his attitude will change not just towards you, but towards other people as well! Some of the dialogue will touch on his improving relationships with Jas, Marnie, Emily, Gus, and Sam.

  • You can talk to him at work! Instead of ignoring you all the time, Shane's dialogue at work will change depending on his heart level.

8 hearts

Here's a rundown of his attitude at each even-numbered heart level:

  • 0 Hearts:   He just wants to be left alone, and he doesn't care how big a jerk he has to be to get you to go away.
  • 2 Hearts:   He wants to be left alone, but it turns out you're pretty cool and now he feels guilty for being a jerk. (He's still a jerk, though.)
  • 4 Hearts:   He's absolutely miserable, but you're a pal.
  • 6 Hearts:   He's miserable, but he's trying to get better.
  • 8 Hearts:   He refuses to shut up about Jas and the chickens. He's in a good place, but he still has bad days.
  • 10 Hearts: He's a bit goofier around you and speaks more warmly. He's in a good place, but he still has bad days.

A note on drinking: Shane stops drinking after his 6-heart event. This might bother some people, but I thought about this a lot and spent a lot of time researching alcohol dependency and addiction, and I found that most recovering addicts need to avoid alcohol completely for the rest of their lives. I can't interpret his spending 6 hours a day drinking as anything other than addiction, so I chose to write it that way. I did my best to depict this accurately and respectfully by showing that it isn't easy for him to quit and that he goes to therapy regularly to support his sober lifestyle. While he does stop drinking, you can definitely see him struggle with it.

  Marriage Events
The vanilla game only has one event for Shane after marriage. This mod adds three more of them!

  • Revisiting the Dock. Shane and the farmer reflect on how much life has changed since their first drunken encounter at the dock.

How to trigger:


  • Pillow Talk. Shane and the farmer have a serious conversation before they end the day.

How to trigger/Note: 

  • Jas's Birthday 1. Jas visits the farm to invite Shane and the farmer to her birthday celebration.

How to trigger: 

  • Jas's Birthday 2. Jas, Marnie, Shane, and the farmer celebrate Jas's birthday.

How to trigger: 

  Marriage Dialogue
When you marry him, Shane sort of loses all the progress he makes in his recovery. He goes back to really unhealthy habits and has no self-awareness whatsoever. I made it so that while he still struggles with depression, he knows how to cope and does his best to do so. I also edited the generic hardcoded spouse dialogue that all the characters share so that the lines are more in-character for him. Some of these lines will only play if you have aedenthorn's Custom Fixed Dialogue installed.

Note: The dialogue is currently seasonal. Once this bug has been resolved, I'll fix it to make it weekly.

  Gift Tastes
It's jarring when he's at 0 hearts and you give him a loved gift. He'll be all excited and then immediately tell you to scram. This part of the mod fixes that by changing the way he reacts to gifts depending on his heart level (unfortunately, his facial expressions are hardcoded, and I can't change them).

There's also special heart-dependent birthday dialogue:

Dialogue after giving him a disliked gift

He'll also get upset if you give him alcohol when he's in recovery:

And finally, he'll like receiving the chicken statue artifact! As of 2.0.2, he also starts liking Joja Cola after his 6-heart event.

  Schedule Changes
In the vanilla game, Shane talks about making lifestyle changes and seeing a therapist, but we don't see any changed behavior. Depending on your heart level, this mod will make the following changes:
  • Shane spends time with Jas. He'll take a day off on her birthday and spend his Sundays hanging out with her because she deserves that from her godfather.

Getting ice cream on Jas's birthday

  • He gets an annual medical exam from Harvey. Shane gets his act together and schedules a yearly check-up. This way, it won't take a life-threatening case of alcohol poisoning him to see a doctor.
  • He "takes over" manning the ranch counter when Marnie's out on Mondays and Tuesdays. Full functionality requires Shop Tile Framework. He can't sell shears or milk pails, but he does sell incubators.

  • His schedule stays consistent even after marriage (unless it rains, in which case he stays at home).

He'll still go to the saloon most nights to hang out with Emily and Gus, but just imagine that he's drinking sparkling water like he said he does. :)

Spring 2 after seeing the 6-heart event:
07:00Goes to the kitchen in the Ranch
11:30Goes to the Clinic for a check-up
15:00Goes back to the Ranch
18:00Goes to the Saloon
20:00Goes back to the Ranch

Saturdays after seeing the 6-heart event:
07:00Does chores outside the Ranch
08:20Enters the Ranch
10:00Heads to Pierre's
14:00Hangs out near the sewer entrance (lmao)
17:00Goes to the Saloon
23:00Heads home

Sundays after seeing the 6-heart event (without seeing Alex's 14-heart event):
06:10Goes to the dock in the forest
09:00Goes back to the Ranch
16:00Heads to the Saloon
21:00Heads home

Sundays after seeing the 6-heart event AND Alex's 14-heart event:
07:00Stands in the kitchen
10:00Goes to the Saloon
21:00Goes home

Mondays/Tuesdays when it isn't raining, and the post-CC event has played:
07:00Goes to the kitchen in Marnie's Ranch
09:00Mans the counter
17:00Heads to the forest and drinks some Joja Cola on the dock
20:00Goes back to the Ranch

On Jas's birthday after seeing the 7-heart event:
08:30Leaves the Ranch with Jas to go to the playground
12:00Grabs some ice cream at the stand
14:10Goes to the beach to meet up with Sam and Vincent
19:00Heads back to the Ranch

Winter 15 after seeing the 6-heart event:
07:00Stands in the kitchen
09:00Mans the counter
15:00Goes to the Night Market
23:00Goes home

Winter 18 after seeing the 7-heart event
10:40Goes to the Clinic with Jas
16:10Goes home

If none of these apply, and the CC is complete:
06:10Stands in the kitchen
07:00Does chores inside and outside the Ranch
16:00Goes to the Saloon
19:30Goes home to tuck Jas in, has a late-night snack, and goes to sleep

If it's raining, the default schedule plays. So either this last schedule will play, or he'll stay at home if he's married.

You can choose which features you want to use. Run the game once with this mod installed, then go to this mod's folder and open `config.json` in any text editor (like Notepad). Set values to "true" to enable, "false" to disable.

NoProfanity: Gives you the clean version of the mod without swearing. Defaults to "true." Set it to "false" if you want to let Shane swear (which is what I recommend).
GenderNeutrality: When enabled, characters in the mod will use they/them to refer to you. Defaults to "true." Jas will call you "Nini" instead of "Aunt" or "Uncle."
EventChanges:  Adds new heart events and modify existing ones.
GiftTastes:  Changes his reactions to gifts depending on his heart level. This will also make alcoholic drinks hated after seeing the six-heart events.
BirthdayDialogue:  Changes his reactions to gifts on his birthday.
ScheduleChanges:  Changes his schedule depending on his heart level.
DailyDialogue:  Adds 350+ lines of dialogue! Setting this to false will allow you to use other dialogue mods instead.
MarriageDialogue: Changes Shane's marriage dialogue. Setting this to false will allow you to use other marriage dialogue mods instead.
AnniversarySeason: Set the season of your marriage anniversary. Accepted values: spring, summer, fall, winter. This won't affect gameplay if you don't marry Shane.
AnniversaryDayOfMonth: Set the day of your marriage anniversary. Input a number from 1 to 28. This won't affect gameplay if you don't marry Shane.
ShaneRanchJob: Toggles whether or not you want to use the Shop Tile Framework feature of this mod.

Suggested Companion Mods
This mod pairs well with the following mods:

Custom Fixed Dialogue: Edits hardcoded strings. Some lines of dialogue in this mod can only play if you have this mod installed!
Diverse Stardew Valley - Seasonal: Changes Shane's (and the other villagers') outfits depending on the seasons and weather conditions.
Karmylla's Immersive Maps: Adds more personality to Shane's room in the Ranch.
Karmylla's Spouse Rooms: Cleans up Shane's spouse room and makes it look better.

Dialogue Mods: The dialogue feature of this mod is not compatible with any mods that change Shane's dialogue (except for Immersive Festival Dialogue). The conflict won't crash your game, but SMAPI will load dialogue from whichever mod comes last alphabetically. If you want to use a different dialogue mod, you'll have to disable DailyDialogue/MarriageDialogue or manually merge the dialogue yourself. Feel free to ask about other non-dialogue mods, though!

Stardew Valley Expanded: Compatible, but turn off ScheduleChanges in this mod's config.
Shane's New Job: Compatible, but turn off ScheduleChanges in this mod's config.

Future Features

  • Clean version. A version without swear words for people who don't feel comfortable with that. Added in 0.0.6!
  • More events. I really want to explore his possible interactions with the other villagers, and I already have some ideas cooking. This isn't a priority because I want to work on other characters for now.
  • Marriage dialogue. Honestly, I'll only do this if there's a demand for it. There's a bunch of marriage dialogue mods that already exist, and I need to know if it'll be worth the effort to make my own. Added in 1.0.0!
  • Gender neutrality. A version that removes all references to gender. Coming in the next major update for CP 1.10! Added in 2.0.2!
  • Compatibility with Cherry's Platonic Relationships. Add 10-heart platonic dialogue.

This mod is for SDV 1.4 and SMAPI 3.0+. Given how large its scope is, testing it by myself was really challenging. I'd really appreciate bug reports, questions, and suggestions, so hit me up on tumblr!

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