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About this mod

A small set of universal changes that will be utilized between all SystemWorks mods.

Permissions and credits
  • Stardew Valley 1.4.5
  • SMAPI 3.4.1.
  • Content Patcher 1.13.0

Installation Guide

Configuration Settings
  • BundleTweaks (Adjustments made to more than just the Florist's Bundle) - default: true
Regarding SystemWorks' Mods
  • SystemWorks is a team that desires to create mods that improve the writing quality of certain characters within the game. We are striving to make all marriage candidates feel equally desirable, give other NPCs more engaging experiences, improve diversity among the cast, and enhance the experience for all players.
  • Flexible Framework is the groundwork for all planned SystemWorks mods. It contains changes that are universal to all of our mods.
  • This allows for modular modification - allowing players to pick and choose which content packs of ours they wish to install. By keeping universal changes centralized to one mod, all of the modular components can be ensured to be compatible with each other and are easily future-proofed for planned components.

Current Components

What Flexible Framework Actually Does
  • The vast majority of the changes are to generic dialogue found throughout the game. It changes dialogue used for "guys" and "girls" to use shared, gender-neutral language instead. This allows for more freedom in writing the genders of our interpretations of the characters.
  • The group 10 heart events are similarly rewritten, both to be less judgemental of polyamory, and to refer less to the genders of the participants.
  • Dr. Harvey's clinic is open until 6pm. Regardless of whether or not the Doctor Hazel mod is installed, the clinic can be accessed for more hours of the day.
  • Emily and the Dye bundle are removed from the Bulletin Board. That bundle is replaced with the Florist's bundle, featuring Caroline.
  • All Bulletin Board bundles have optional balance changes, focusing them more on specific areas of gameplay that aren't touched on by other bundles.
  • Some bundle rewards have received balance changes as well.



Planned Updates
  • Compatibility updates
  • Bug Fixes
  • Small changes
  • As of yet unseen updates as needed
  • Interactivity with future SystemWorks content packs

Planned Content Packs
Full Reworks:
  • Haley & Emily
  • Sam & Kent
  • Sebastian
  • Alex
Small Adjustments (Add-on Modules):
  • Sandy
  • Clint & Gus
  • Penny & Jodi
  • Jas & Vincent
  • Maru, Robin, & Demetrius
Small Adjustments (Stand-alone Modules):
  • Leah & Elliot
  • Abigail, Pierre, and Caroline
  • Willy
  • Linus

Known Issues
  • The dump command is split along genders assigned at birth.
  • The flower dance is split along genders assigned at birth.
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