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Adds a set of custom meats and recipes that can be used with BFAV and Animal Husbandry. All meats and recipes now purchaseable at Khadija's Recipe Shop!

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Note: If you have Fresh Meat installed, you do not need to install this mod.

Wouldn't it be nice if your custom animals dropped matching meats when you use the Animal Husbandry Mod? Would you like to get venison and bison meat from your deer and buffalo? Well, now you can!

This mod adds several types of custom meats, designed by Zosa and implemented into Json Assets by myself, which match most BFAV animals currently available to the modding community. Some of these, like Dragon Meat, are very specific, but others, like Fowl or Beast Meat, can be applied to an entire category for future proofing! Adding the meats to your game is as simple as dropping the JA pack into your mods folder!

For Players:

Starting with version 1.1.0, this mod is compatible with Khadija's Recipe Shop! You can now purchase any meat from this mod at the shop on weekends, and find the recipes randomly during the week! In other words, you no longer need BFAV or Animal Husbandry to use any of these items as long as you have the shop installed.

For BFAV Authors:

These meats are made for you! No need to ask permission to use them in your BFAV and AHM configs, just download the folder, type the name of the meat you want your animal to drop in the animal data, and create your AHM config like so!

"Data": "1/6/Buffalo Milk/L. Buffalo Milk/cow/24/64/84/64/24/64/84/64/1/false/Barn/32/32/32/32/15/5/Milk Pail/Bison Meat/1500/Buffalo/Barn",

Just remember to add a dependency for this mod in your AHM manifest!

Goals for the future:

  • Ability to buy custom meats at ??? regardless of which BFAV packs are installed. All Meats now purchasable with KRS!
  • Add recipes that use new meats. Done, more coming!
  • Add new types of meats for more animal types. Ongoing.
  • Add more recipes Ongoing
  • Balance prices All Done, thanks to TrentXV!

Enjoy your plethora of meaty goodness!

-Hadi & Zosa