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A UI recolor with a purple, nature-inspired aesthetic.

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This mod gives all the UI in Stardew Valley a new, all natural lavender-themed coat of paint. Perfect for purple lovers and cottagecore players alike! It features several custom assets to give the UI a completely new vibe, and even has unique title screen easter eggs if you have certain mods installed! ;)

You can install it like any other mod, just by unzipping it and placing it in your mods folder. Update by deleting the previous version and installing the new one. Works via Content Patcher.

This recolor currently offers several configuration options. Launch the game with this mod installed and edit the generated config.json to your preferences. Alternatively can be configured via GMCM. All are set to "true" by default.
  • "Custom Cursors" - true edits the cursors to fit the color scheme and theme the rest of the recolor has. false turns off the edit; use if you would like to use your own set of custom cursors (or prefer the vanilla cursors).
  • "Seasonal Portrait Decor" - true adds plants and other naturalistic decorations around the portrait window that appears during dialogue. Each in-game season has different decor. false removes this overlay; useful if you're already using a portrait overlay mod, or merely want a simpler interface.
  • "Friendship Indicator" - true edits the small orb in the portrait window that indicates your friendship level with someone into a flower. false turns off this edit.
  • "Artifact Spot Toggle" - true changes the worms that appear for artifact spots into a lavender-like plant. "false" leaves them as the default worms.
  • "Artifact Spot Color" - This configuration option lets you choose the color of the flower for the artifact spots. Colors offered include: blue, lavender, pink, red, white, and yellow. Set to lavender by default. There are also random and seasonal options. random will make the flower color randomize each day and seasonal will make the flower match whichever season it currently is in-game. If you are using GMCM to configure this mod, you may have to scroll the drop-down for this setting to see all the options.

Yes, this mod is compatible with Stardew 1.6! If you are still using 1.5.6, there is an old version available for that in the Old Files section.

There are several compatibility patches for mods that add new UI elements. Feel free to request compat with any mods that add new UI elements in the comment section! See list below for the full list of supported mods (Note that some of these may or may not be updated for 1.6. I am still keeping my compatibility patches for them in the event they do update some time in the future. Do not complain to me about a mod that I don't own not being updated).

FOR USE: Go inside the folder for Lavender Dreams and copy the folder for the mod you want to add compat for from the compatibility patches folder. Paste the folder into your Mods folder and say yes to replacing the files. Your UI will now be a beautiful lavender color~ Keep in mind you will have to repeat this process any time you update one of these mods.

NOTE: Bigger Backpack and Farmer Portraits compat are special cases that do not require replacing any files, the mod applies the patch automatically.

This mod is theoretically compatible with Android SMAPI but is currently untested. If you are a mobile player interested in using this mod, please leave a comment about how things are working!

Here are some mods that I believe complement Lavender Dreams well:
  • Custom Menu Background - Offers a wide selection of gorgeous skies in a rainbow of colors, so that the title screen can have a fully harmonious color palette, see the image gallery for an example!
  • Font Settings - If you want to use a rustic font along with your rustic UI!
  • Smallcopper's Icons - An alternate option for pretty desaturated friendship indicators :3
  • Vintage Reshade - A gorgeous Reshade preset which offers special compatibility with Lavender Dreams!

Thanks very much to ManaKirel, author of the Vintage Interface V2 mod. I looked at their code as a reference for mine. Also thanks to Doragoun for helping out with setting up mobile compatibility and updating for 1.6.

Thanks to my friends made through the SDV discord for encouraging me and giving me great feedback throughout this whole (long) process. All of y'all are very much appreciated <3


Check out my ko-fi or carrd if you enjoyed my mod! Thanks for checking it out~