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A quest mod to help a knight and fight against the Thalmor.

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  • Turkish
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Skyrim mod sends you on a choice-filled quest to help an Elven knight battle The Thalmor

Skyrim gets brand-new quest about taking down the Thalmor
  • ~150 lines of dialog generated by
  • Disposition system.
  • Player choice and multiple endings.
  • Start by message from courier. You may need to travel between different cities a few times to trigger the courier.
  • Puzzles.
  • Locks Winged Hussar armor and weapons crafting behind quest completion.
  • No Cell edits or Worldspace edits. You don't need to make patches with location/water/landscape mods
  • Starts at level 25
  • ESL
  • Don't use outdated translations or patches. It will fuck up your game. Unless they state they are compatible with the latest version explicitly by version number, assume they are outdated.
Known Possible Issues
  • If you have broken navmeshes in your Skyrim worldspace, it is possible that NPCs in this mod will get stuck while traveling. There might even be crashes if your skyrim is broken enough. This mod edits no navmeshes, so it is not the cause of your issues.
  • If you have a mod that drastically alters the layout of the Bannered Mare or the Thalmor Headquarters, items this mod places might be in illogical positions.
Quest Walkthrough
The Welkynar Knight:
  • Must be level 25.
  • Trigger courier by traveling between cities. You may need to travel between a few different cities.
  • Read note from courier.
  • Meet Nirenoore at the Bannered Mare and accept her quest.
    • Optional: report Nirenoore to any non-hostile Thalmor.
    • Quest fails here.
  • Steal the painting from the Thalmor Headquarters in Solitude.
  • Report back to Nirenoore at the Bannered Mare.
  • Have a drink with Nirenoore, get poisoned, and wake up in a Thalmor prison.
  • After talking to the Thalmor agent, take the 1st phrase book to the left of your cell door.
  • Take the cipher note from the dead prisoner to the right of your cell door.
  • Figure out the password to your cell by combining the two books and unlock your cell door. (The answer is "CUT".) Puzzle Explanation:
    "Canine teeth are trustworthy indicators of a creature's predatory prowess, but can anyone really trust a pup with a mischievous grin?" => nine, two, one => C, U, T.

    • Optional: retrieve your stuff and Nirenoore's items.
    • The key to the armory, where your items are kept is in the commander's room.
    • The key to the commander's room is in the soldier's barracks on a table.
  • The key to the exit is on the Thalmor commander's person. The button to activate the portal is to the right, behind the opened door.
  • Take the 2nd phrase book from the commander's room and combine it with the cipher note from the dead prisoner to figure out the password to the portal. (The answer is "SCUTTLE") Puzzle Explanation:
    "Solitude, the fourfold city of Skyrim, is a breathtaking sight for all who set their eyes on it. The feminine elegance of the architecture is matched only by the exquisite artwork that adorns the city's buildings. Yet, for all its grandeur, it's also a place where one can feel alone in the midst of the bustling crowds and the constant freight of goods coming and going. Nevertheless, the people of Solitude are known for their tender hospitality, making it a must-visit destination for any adventurer in Tamriel." => four, nine, two, one, one, eight, ten => S, C, U, T, T, L, E.
  • Track down the Thalmor agent and Nirenoore.
  • Kill the Thalmor and retrieve the painting again. (This part is explained clearly with quest objectives and quest markers. It is not 1000% idiot proof, but here is hoping you're not an idiot)
  • Talk to Nirenoore.
    • Optional: If you've retrieved her items from earlier, you can give them to her.
    • You can also lie and keep the items for yourself.
  • Nirenoore will ask you to follow her to get more reward. You can travel with her or tell her to meet you there.
  • At destination, Nirenoore will find that her chest has been looted.
    • Optional: you can tell her you're disappointed with the reward.
    • Nirenoore will give you her items if you chose to retrieve them and give them to her earlier.
    • Otherwise she will have nothing to reward you with.
    • Quest ends here.
    You can tell Nirenoore that you'll retrieve her items together. Nirenoore will suggest searching Embershard Mine.
  • Retrieve Nirenoore's items from a chest in Embershard Mine.
    • Optional: tell Nirenoore you'll keep the items
  • You can refuse the reward and give Nirenoore her items back. Quest ends.
  • If you picked enough nice dialog options by this point, Nirenoore can become a follower or even a marriage candidate.
  • If she dislikes you, she'll leave Skyrim forever.
  • All this should be clear from her dialog about her future plans.
Side quest: a Welkynar Legend
  • After main quest completion, travel to any city with Nirenoore as follower.
  • Nirenoore will tell you about a Welkynar explorer.
    • Optional: tell her you're not interested. Quest fails here.
  • Buy the book "Skies of the North" from Urag gro-Shub.
  • Read the book.
  • Give the book the Nirenoore. Quest ends.
Radiant quest: Welkynar Artifacts
  • If the book "Skies of the North" is in Nirenoore's inventory and Nirenoore is a follower when you travel to any city, you can ask her if she has found anything in her research.
  • Nirenoore will tell you about an artifact and its location.
    • Optional: tell her you can't find the artifact. Quest fails here.
  • Retrieve the artifact to complete the quest.
Radiant quest: Drinking at an Inn
  • If Nirenoore is a follower when you travel to any inn, you can ask her to have a drink with you.
  • Buy wine (wine, not alto wine) from the innkeeper. If you already have wine, that's fine too.
  • Give Nirenoore the wine and go through the dialog options.
  • You can then ask Nirenoore questions and get drunken answers.
  • Tell her you want to wrap the night up to finish the quest.

  • Whenever
    • but maybe don't do it while you're in the locations added by this mod (use your brain)
Q: My mod manager says this mod has conflicts with another mod regarding "uilib" files.
A: This mod uses SkyUILib for some UI functionality. Chances are, your other mod uses the same files. If their version of the files are up-to-date, it is fine to have either mod overwrite the other for these files.