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What is SkyUILib?
SkyUILib is a resource that allows mod authors to use new menus or extend the functionality of existing user interface elements.
Version 1 includes a text input menu, a list menu, and an extended notification area. The text input menu allows, as its name suggests, text input by the player just like when naming characters or custom enchanted objects. The list menu is a menu with a list of options that the player can then choose from. The notification area is extended to allow for variable text color and icons in messages.
All of the new or extended menus also support nested translation like SkyUI does.
Where can I get it and how do I use it?
Versions are also available here on Nexus, but instructions are only on the GitHub wiki.
This resource is designed to be included in mods as is. The files in this resource are NOT to be modified under any circumstance as that could cause problems when a load order includes multiple mods that use the resource and one or more mods have modified the files in this resource.

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