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This mod changes the appearances of NPCs.

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 [ The Ordinary Women - USLEEP Patch by ThisTimeIBeAGoodGirlSir ]
Thank you so much! :)
This mod changes the appearances of NPCs (60).

Gerdur, Sigrid

Carlotta Valentia, Hulda, Irileth, Alfhild Battle-Born, Olfina Gray-Mane, Saadia, Ahlam, Danica Pure-Spring, Arcadia

Ingun Black-Briar, Maven Black-Briar, Dinya Balu, Grelka, Svana Far-Shield, Haelga, Nivenor, Anuriel, Tonilia

Silda the Unseen, Hermir Strong-Heart, Nilsine Shatter-Shield, Tova Shatter-Shield, Hillevi Cruel-Sea
Elda Early-Dawn, Luaffyn, Niranye

Mirabelle Ervine, Faralda, Nirya, Colette Marence, Thaena, Haran, Birna

Jonna, Lami, Idgrod the Younger

Una, Erdi, Freir, Bryling, Illdi, Vivienne Onis, Lisette, Vittoria Vici, Alexia Vici, Sybille Stentor, Endarie, Pantea Ateia, Evette San

Hroki, Frabbi, Lisbet, Bothela, Senna

<Other Locations>
Valerica, Sorine Jurard, Angi, Elenwen

This mod is standalone, but this requires Dawnguard DLC.

[Recommended Mods]

Face Light by tktk1 (I recommend the 'FacelightDark Target' spell)
Female Facial Animation by nao4288 (I recommend an optional file too)

[Solution to problems]

1. If you has uesd another mod about chaging the appearance of same NPCs,
it may cause the neck seam trouble.
If so, open the command console by pressing the tilde (~) key.
And you have to set their NPC weight by typing the following: setnpcweight [NPC'S WEIGHT]

[NPC's weight]
Carlotta Valentia: 50
Hulda: 100
Saadia: 70
Irileth: 80
Alfhild Battle-Born: 0
Olfina Gray-Mane: 80
Ahlam: 20
Gerdur: 50
Sigrid: 50
Valerica: 40
Angi: 50
Elenwen: 50
Una: 50
Erdi: 40
Freir: 50
Bryling: 100
Illdi: 60
Vivienne Onis: 30
Lisette: 50
Vittoria Vici: 50
Alexia Vici: 0
Ingun Black-Briar: 50
Maven Black-Briar: 100
Dinya Balu: 30
Grelka: 50
Svana Far-Shield: 50
Haelga: 100
Nivenor: 0
Silda the Unseen: 0
Hermir Strong-Heart: 100
Nilsine Shatter-Shield: 50
Tova Shatter-Shield: 40
Hillevi Cruel-Sea: 50
Elda Early-Dawn: 60
Luaffyn: 10
Niranye: 50
Sorine Jurard: 50
Anuriel: 50
Tonilia: 40
Mirabelle Ervine: 30
Faralda: 50
Nirya: 30
Colette Marence: 40
Thaena: 100
Haran: 50
Birna: 30
Jonna: 70
Lami: 50
Idgrod the Younger: 30
Hroki: 50
Frabbi: 0
Lisbet: 60
Bothela: 50
Senna: 70
Danica Pure-Spring: 50
Arcadia: 40
Sybille Stentor:50
Endarie: 100
Pantea Ateia: 50
Evette San: 0

And then enter 'disable' and 'enable' in a row before closing the command console.
Lastly, press the tilde (~) key again to close the command console.

2. If she is standing there in the nude,
open the command console by pressing the tilde (~) key. And click the NPC.
And then enter 'disable' and 'enable' in a row.


Enhanced Character Edit by tktk
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition by Caliente
DIMONIZED UNP female by dimon99
The Eyes Of Beauty by LogRaam
Eyes of Aber by Aberin
Natural Eyes by nevenbridge81
Eye Normal Map Fix by Mr. Dave
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies
Ponytail Hairstyles by azarkiowa
saLaHair by saLa
Real Girls Realistic Body Texture for CBBE by drunkenmojo
Real Girls Realistic Body Texture for UNP by Zonzai and Seren4XX
SG Female Textures Renewal by HelloSanta
SG Female Eyebrows by HelloSanta
The female textures tweaked by rxkx22
Brows by Hvergelmir
XCE - Warpaint and Dirt by Xenius
The Neith Team Warpaints Set by Elaneith
Better Makeup for SKSE by Diethardt
SC - Hairstyles by ShinglesCat
Thank you for the mods!
[Change Log]

v1.9 Changes the appearance of Danica Pure-Spring, Arcadia, Sybille Stentor, Endarie, Pantea Ateia, Evette San.

v1.8 Changes the appearance of NPCs in Markarth. And reduces the size of tint files.

v1.7 Changes the appearance of NPCs in Morthal.

v1.6 Changes the appearance of Mirabelle Ervine. And fixs bugs.

v1.5 Changes the appearance of NPCs in Winterhold

v1.4 Changes the appearance of Sorine Jurard, Anuriel, Tonilia. And fixs bugs.

v1.3 Changes the appearance of NPCs in Windhelm.

v1.2 Changes the appearance of NPCs in Riften.

v1.1 Changes the appearance of Sigrid. And fixs bugs.



by theDeModcracy

by pixelgamerch

by Vatiwah


by MrGuyaneseChannel

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