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Last updated at 5:10, 25 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 4:56, 28 Oct 2016

IT FINALLY HAPPENED: v4.1.0 adds an in-game Configuration Menu!


If you get the Crash At First Save Bug or the "Exceeded 255 Entries" Warning: This means you have too many dragons in your leveled lists (255 max). The only ways to fix this are removing the other plugins that are adding dragons, or disabling some DDC dragons in the config menu.

The most common cause is using patches from old versions of this mod. If you have any patches for this mod, you MUST delete ALL of them. Whether you found it here, or on another page, or made it yourself.

Don't forget about Bashed Patches / Smashed Patches either! If you built one of these with an old version of DDC, you will need to rebuild it.

If your problem isn't caused by patches (unlikely) and you don't want to get rid of dragons from your other mods (if you insist), you will need to disable creatures from my mod. I recommend starting with Config Menu -> Control -> Disable All. Then you can re-enable creatures one at a time, and test to see if the issue recurs. When you encounter the issue again, you know you've added too many.

If you have SKSE and DDC v2.1.2+, you will get the warning window and your game can save successfully. If you don't have SKSE or still have DDC v2.1.0-2.1.1, you will get the crash when you attempt to save. Fixing the issue as described above will allow you to save. However, since SKSE64 is still in alpha, it is also dangerous for your save file. So I recommend not using it until it comes out of alpha.

<end of PSA>

Uniting resources from 13 different mod authors, this is a dragon mod like none seen before.

  • 28 new dragons, each with a unique model & texture
  • 7 ranks of strength for each dragon, creating a challenge that scales with your level
  • 16 new breath attacks & 19 new abilities used by the dragons
  • Integrated into vanilla leveled lists to appear in your game seamlessly
  • Now fully customizable. See only the dragons you want to see!

Dawnguard and Dragonborn required.
When SKSE64 full version is released, this will be automatically compatible with it. SkyUI and FISS will also be supported when (if) they are officially ported to SE. But in the meantime, DO NOT USE SKSE64 ALPHA for anything other than testing -- you will break your save file. You can configure the mod without SKSE by using the Spell Menu.

As of v2.1.1, patches are not needed to use this with other mods that add dragons. If you have a patch from an old version, delete it. If you already built a Bashed Patch with an old version of DDC3, rebuild it. Otherwise you don't need a bashed patch for this mod.



Meshes: yousukeve, opusGlass, Zerofrost, Link815, junin, Madcat221
Textures: Bellyache (wrig675), opusGlass, yousukeve, Zerofrost, sepherose, luddeman, digitalLion, Versispellis, Aipex8, junin, LoginToDownload
ESP content & scripts: opusGlass

Helpful dragon texture template: LoginToDownload

Video: DonProtein
Screenshots: fiszi
Testing: DonProtein, fiszi

Detailed authorship info can be found in the Readme

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