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Patch to bring Diverse Dragons Collection (DDC), ogSplendor Dragons, and Bellyache's Dragons up to par with Enhanced Mighty Dragons - Medium Cooked edition.

Permissions and credits
This mod takes the stats of all dragons and levels them up to EMD standards. In some cases, EMD dragon-type effects are added to other mods dragons (mostly just for Splendor Dragons).
This patch is compatible with other mods that add and change dragon perks, such as Serio's Enhanced Dragons, Sturdy Dragons, etc.

After playing against and (dying to) EMD, I actually ended up swapping over to it's lesser cousin, Slightly Mighty Dragons. Not because it was too hard, but because an author I was swapping ideas with had made a patch using that mod. Sufficed to say, in the next several playthroughs, my dragon fights were less than spectacular. Even so, I kept putting this off as I was working on my main patch; Advanced Organized High Level SkyTweak Encounters Patch.

Required Mods:
Enhanced Mighty Dragons V4 V4.0beta by tonycubed2
Diverse Dragons Collection SE (DDCse) V2.1.3 by opusGlass
Bellyaches New Dragon Species SSE V2.1 by Kelsenellenelvian (Leveled-List Version was used in Patch creation and is recommended)
Splendor - Dragon Variants SE V1.0.1 by opusGlass

So why is this here now? The patch I was using was discontinued and I was tired of 'normal' mobs like vampires being more difficult to fight than dragons. That's where this patch comes in.

I love Enhanced Mighty Dragons. It basically touches every possible permutation of a dragon using leveled lists and template overrides. It even adds a lot of 'Named' dragons making for even more variety in fights. That said, Diverse Dragons Collection also adds a lot of interesting dragons with unique effects, as does Bellyaches, hence they are a staple in my load order. And, for your every-day garden-variety critter, Splendor dragons as a filler and looks diversification.

The problem? 1 EMD is equivalent in strength to about 4-6 of the other dragons, and unlike Splendor Dragons, DDC and Bellyaches tend to go their own way and avoid the leveled lists, so EMD won't trickle down. This means, one dragon fight, you spend 10 minutes killing one dragon, and the next dragon you fight you kill in 2 minutes flat. While that's diversity in its own right, I prefer the "How many ways can they can kill me" diversity rather than "Oh, not an EMD, nap time" diversity. Hence this mod.

Compared to my main patch, what this does is rather simple. Dragons are diverse enough to provide their own challenges, they just needed to be beefed up a bit lot.

Download and install using your favorite mod manager. Rebuild bashed parch for a seamless integration. If you are doing so mid-game, you may need to wait in an interior cell for all dragons to receive the update. 

Enjoy a more difficult game.

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