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Overwrites the backs of museum displays to point back to their original texture when using the Extravagant LotD Replacer while keeping the Extravagant Interiors (both the full version and Blue Palace only) edits elsewhere the same.

Permissions and credits
I really like using Extravagant Legacy of the Dragonborn, but wanted to swap out the display wall texture as I felt even without artifacts some displays nooks felt a bit busy with the wallpaper. Furthermore, I feel that as I get to filling the museum, the original coloring will match the artifacts better and make them stand out more.

I originally tried only overwriting the stucco texture used in Extravagant Interiors (I use Blue Palace only), but that put white walls all over the blue palace. While I like the blank walls for displays, the wallpaper fits really well in the Blue Palace so I made this little overwrite to have the best of both worlds. 

All I did was went in on Nifskope and repathed the new display nook meshes to use their original textures. The Blue Palace remains unaffected and with the nooks pointing to their original texture, any HD or retexture overwrites of the museum should still apply. I for example really recommend the Alt Stucco A from LotD - Tweaks and Fixes.

This should work with all the patches for add-on rooms that are included in Extravagant LotD but comment if you find otherwise.


1. Download/Install with Manager
-manual guys can do the whole data folder thing (Not recommended)

2.  Let these meshes overwrite Extravagant Legacy of the Dragonborn.

3optional. Download and install Alt Stucco and have that overwrite LotD as well

1. Uninstall with manager
-manual would replace these meshes with the originals

icecreamassassin and the Legacy of the Dragonborn team for Legacy of the Dragonborn
babmer for Extravagant Interiors: Solitude
N9IS for Extravagant Legacy of the Dragonborn Replacer

good work in Extravagant Interiors - Solitude 4K by Plangkye & LotD Tweaks and Fixes optional stucco by gutmaw that aren't necessarily required by this mod but highly recommended you try.