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Several fixes for general positioning, lighting, mesh and texture enhancement, and some performance improvement for the Legacy of the Dragonborn museum and safehouse.

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I love my LotD!! 

I've been modding and playing Legacy of the Dragonborn for years, and have made several general fixes, lighting improvements, and mesh and texture enhancements.   Ice and Sirjesto have incorporated quite a few already, but here's a bunch that have not yet been included...
  • Architecture mesh rework - broke up more of the larger architecture Nifs into multiple TriShapes, which helps with too many lights hitting them causing flickering.  Also, scaled the UV's on the walls and floors so A) Textures visual size will be more consistent across the museum, and B) Textures will appear higher res without performance hit.
  • Lighting - Added light sources where there was light but no source, and added/adjusted lights positioning/radius/brightness to provide better lighting and to help with flickering issues.
  • Several general positioning fixes (banner positions, uncentered doorways, overlapping walls etc etc)
  • Alternatives for Museum stucco, wood, and display glass textures
  • Optional file that strips specific items of their collision mesh - Items used for models that have been shrunk wayyy down, like statues used as bookends, architecture and terrain models, etc.  This can help performance in the museum.
  • NEW - Hall of Wonders Main Staircase Fix optional file.  Fixed mesh that was in desperate need of fixing...see pics.
  • I included my Safehouse Fireplace and Sort Chest replacers in the main file as well, in case u don't use the LotD Official patches for SMIM and ELFX
  • Light plugins, so won't count against your max .esp limit.

  • If you use Lux lighting mod, or wSkeever's Lotd Lighting mod, use the "No Lighting" version of the main file.  *** Load this mod after your lighting mod (let my mod overwrite your lighting mod)
  • Should be compatible with anything else out there
  • Compatible with Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE version 5.5.3

  • Icecreamassassin and the whole LotD team!
  • Brumbek for upper chest model and base texture
  • Winedave for his stucco texture

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