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A streamlined approach to needs.

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This mod gains additional features depending on other mods you have installed.

Optional: Wet and Cold
Snow melting rates are reduced in the cold. Travelling NPCs may be equipped with waterskins, which will allow purchasing of refills from them.


The goal of this mod is to provide an incentive to “live” in Skyrim without demanding a significant change in playstyle. Your needs will adjust to your timescale so by default you should only feel the need to eat and drink 2-3 times a day and sleep once per day provided that you are consuming full meals and getting a full night's sleep. Just use a little common sense, follow a schedule and you should hopefully find that the features here are intuitive and have been well integrated into the world.

This section only details the basic functions of the mod and is all you need to know to get started. More experienced players and those looking for more control or challenge should see the Advanced section afterwards.


Hunger: Prepared food tends to be more filling. Soup will lower thirst in addition to hunger. Eating raw meat will still lower hunger but may make you sick.

Thirst: Water and alcohol will quench thirst. Water can be carried in waterskins, which can be crafted at leather racks, purchased from innkeepers or general goods merchants and can sometimes be found on NPCs. You will begin a game with one empty waterskin in your inventory. They can be refilled through the following methods when empty:

  • Collected by standing in bodies of fresh water and clicking on an empty waterskin or in the form of snow (see Extended section below).
  • Collected from any open wells, water barrels or water kegs. Water barrels and kegs can be crafted at a forge or bought from general goods merchants. They will never disappear unless disassembled so feel free to construct them in/outside your home or for your favorite NPCs.
  • Collected from any upright bucket or kettle out in the open when it's raining.
  • Purchased from an innkeeper or from any random traveler with a filled waterskin in their inventory (requires Wet and Cold).
  • Requested from an NPC that you've become friendly with (done quests for) in an interior.
  • Salt water can be collected from the ocean and reduced to Salt Piles at a Cooking Pot.

Fatigue: The type of environment you decide to sleep in will be a factor in lowering your fatigue. Sleeping in a bed or tent will be more effective than a bedroll or hay pile. Sleeping in a house or inn will be more effective than sleeping in a dungeon. While less effective, fast traveling via carriage or sitting and Waiting for at least 2 hours, will also lower fatigue for the time spent sitting.


  • Sound: Grumbling stomach noises, coughing and yawning will play more frequently as you become more hungry/thirsty/fatigued.
  • Text: Messages will appear in the upper left corner detailing your current state. You won't suffer penalties until you are "mildly hungry/thirsty/fatigued".

You will receive buffs for topping off each of your needs. In addition, the Wellness buff gives you a bonus to Health dependent on your overall well-being. Stay healthy and over time this bonus will increase. Neglect your needs and this bonus will eventually decrease. Maintaining a Varied Diet gives you a bonus to Stamina and Magicka, which can also increase/decrease over time depending on the food you eat.

Debuffs will progress through three stages (mild, moderate, severe) after your needs haven't been met for some time. Thirst penalties progress the fastest, followed by Fatigue, and then Hunger.

Alcohol has the effect of off-setting hunger a bit but will not be as hydrating. For those looking for a bit more realism, there is an option in the menu to have alcohol eventually dehydrate you over time. Drinking too much alcohol within a short time span will put you in a drunken state with visual impairment effects, which you can either wait out or sleep off. Consuming Skooma will produce a quick Stamina regeneration buff but a longer lasting debuff to Magicka and spells.

Want to further simplify managing your needs? This feature will automatically choose items from your inventory to consume without any input from you. All you have to do is keep your inventory stocked! Enable this option in the configuration menu.

Werewolves receive temporary immunity to fatigue while in beast form but will feel more fatigued after reverting back. They can feed to lower thirst and hunger and are able to consume raw food while in human form.
Vampire have three options to choose from:

  • Mortal: You are a regular mortal except feeding and 'Potions of Blood' will also lower hunger/thirst/fatigue.
  • Hybrid: Hunger/thirst are of no concern. You are slow to fatigue but also slow to recover when sleeping. Feeding and 'Potions of Blood' will also lower fatigue. This is the default option.
  • Pure: Only feeding and 'Potions of Blood' will lower hunger/thirst/fatigue.

iNeed - Extended is an optional addon that extends the scope of iNeed. It is not compatible with any other mod that seeks to overhaul food in Skyrim since it makes a number of edits to vanilla records in order to accomplish its goal. Installing iNeed - Extended will do the following:

  • Enable snow collection from medium to large exterior snow drifts simply by activating them.
  • Remove magic effect buffs and debuffs from most food and drink items.
  • Remove the Salt Pile ingredient from cooked meat.
  • Rebalance soup recipes by adding a water ingredient requirement and by changing the number of soups produced from 1 to 2.
  • Innkeepers will now sometimes sell soups and Hearthfire foods.


  • You can categorize unrecognized food, in-game, upon consumption of the item provided that it has the VendorItemFood keyword.
  • Water records were edited to enable drinking and the refilling of waterskins when standing in bodies of water. If you're using a water mod, a patch that enables the "Causes Damage" flag on each water record must be used.


Manual: See the manual installation document in the archive.
Mod Managers: Download the files and add to your respective programs. Add to your library and enjoy.

This mod automatically refreshes itself with each revision. When updating (manual or mod managers), simply uninstall the previous version and install the updated version.

When uninstalling, remove all installed files. Make sure iNeed.esp and .bsa are no longer present in your Data folder.