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A patch to make food and drinks from Beasts of Tamriel compatible with iNeed.

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Patch for iNeed & Beasts of Tamriel
by: BloodyStigmata


If you have used Beasts of Tamriel and iNeed together, you know that not every consumable in that mod can be added to the lists manually by eating them.

This is because many of the items in BoT lack the necessary keywords to identify them as food. Furthermore, there are some items (coackatrice meat for instance) that are flagged as poisons. I have no doubt eating cockatrice meat is deadly, but it's meat. You should be able to eat it if you're desperate enough, which you very well may be if you're using survival mods.

Anyway, I fixed all that. Not only did I add the proper keywords and fix many of the issues consumable had in the main BoT esp, but I added all of them to the proper formlists so that they'll work with iNeed out of the box -- no unnecessary manual flagging on your part.


iNeed and Beasts of Tamriel.

No, I don't have a version for iNeed extended. I don't use it, so didn't feel the need to make one.

You are more than welcome to help me out and make it yourself though. If I could figure this out, I'm sure you won't have any problems.


Download via your preferred mod manager and place under both iNeed & Beasts of Tamriel. This mod can be safely merged into your bashed patch.


(1). I did not alter any of the recipes, nor did I change the effects of any of the consumables. I changed what I thought I need to for proper compatibility. It's up to you whether or not you want to eat raw basilisk chops. No one's gonna stop you.

(2). Look at the provided screenshots if you want some clues as to what food items count as what. It should be pretty easy to figure out on your own though.