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Fast travel is no longer free! You’ll use gold, food, drink, and potions along the way-more as the length of the trip increases-and there’s a chance you’ll encounter trouble along the way.

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Fast travel is no longer free! You’ll use gold, food, drink, and potions along the way – more as the length of the trip increases – and there’s a chance you’ll encounter trouble along the way, driving up the requirements even more. This mod is built for players who prefer avoiding fast travel, but use it every so often when an annoying quest sends you to the opposite side of the continent.

  • SkyUI - for configuring this mod via MCM
  • SKSE - for scripting functions

  • iNeed - allows this mod to use the iNeed waterskins and diseases. Also, when food/drink items are consumed during travel, they satisfy the iNeed hunger/thirst levels.

Inspired by (alternatives)

Complimentary mods
  • Carriage & Fast Travel Overhaul (CFTO) - provides a lore-friendly and immersive alternative to map-based teleport fast travel.
  • You Hunger - makes food and drink harder to come by, and therefore more valuable.

How it works

When you fast travel, the distance traveled is calculated, and upon arrival at your destination, there’s a chance that food, drink, health potions, and gold are consumed/removed from your inventory. The number of items required is based off the distance traveled, so a short hop may only require one sip of water, whereas a long voyage will require several drinks, food items, health potions, and a pile of gold.

The duration/impact is shortened greatly if you start while the trip riding your horse, so be sure to ride instead of walk if possible!

If you don’t have the necessary items on hand, you’re charged gold to simulate stopping at a tavern along the way to buy them. Example: If you owe three food items after a long trip, but only had one on hand when you started, you’ll consume that one, and also purchase and consume two more along the way.

There's no debt system in this mod, so even if you're penniless, you'll still be able to travel - it just won't take away your (nonexistent) gold.

There’s also a chance that you’ll encounter three types of trouble during your voyage: One, you encounter bad weather, requiring more food and drink as you take shelter to wait out the storm. Two, you get into a battle, requiring additional health potions to treat your wounds. Three, you encounter a festering beast in the wilds, whose bite inflicts a disease that’ll need to treat after you arrive at your destination.


The mod is fully configurable via MCM, under the “RAB Travel Costs” heading. In general, increase the numbers to increase the costs/harshness. Set them to 0 to remove that feature. Read below if you want to get into the nitty gritty of what they mean and how they work.

Multiplier calculations

The distance traveled is an arbitrary number, but I’ve used the distance from Riverwood to Whiterun as a base. With that in mind, here are some example trip distances:

1.0 = Riverwood to Whiterun (short trip)
2.3 = Whiterun to Morthal (medium trip)
7.8 = Riften to Solitude (very long trip)

These distances are multiplied against the gold, food, drink, potion, and chance multipliers to determine what you owe. For example, the default drink multipliers are min=0.4 max=1.8. A trip from Whiterun to Morthal would then require somewhere between 1 (0.4x2.3) and 4 (1.8x2.3) drinks. A trip from Riften to Solitude (a much longer trip) would require somewhere between 3 (0.4x7.8) and 14 (1.8x7.8) drinks.

The same holds true for the chance encounters (weather, battle, and diseases.) For example, by default, disease chance is set at 10, so there’s a 10 percent chance you’ll catch a disease when traveling from Riverwood to Whiterun, but a whopping 78 percent chance if you go from Riften to Solitude.

Default multipliers

Script load

Tiny! Less than 200 lines of code, and it's only called when you open or close the map menu. There's nothing active or intrusive running in the background.

This mod has been bundled up as an ESL-flagged ESP, so it doesn't count against your load order. Neat-o!