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Collection of engine bug fixes and tweaks. SKSEVR plugin. Built from po3's source.

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VR port of powerofthree's Tweaks. See original for full description and settings. I have tested most but not all, but let me know if any don't appear to work.

This has everything from SSE/AE but also adds:
  • (VR ONLY) VR CrosshairRefEvent Fix - Trigger CrossHairRefEvent with hand selection (normally requires game controller to enable crosshair events). Enabled by default.
  • (VR ONLY) Remember Lock Angle Tweak - Broken lock picks do not reset angle. Disabled by default.

is an awesome modder but can't support VR due to a lack of a headset. I've offered to help where I can. I've built this from his latest source under MIT. VR versions will always have a tweak version of .1 although it will be based on SSE as long as possible (e.g.,

My source. Please report bugs to GitHub.