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Gain FPS across Skyrim with no visual difference! This is the version for Base Object Swapper.

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This mod born after the great success of Lightened Skyrim. For the deep description you can see the original mod.  The main difference between the 2 versions is that this one uses Base Object Swapper to achieve the same effect and does not have an esp (there in only a .INI file).

  • Same benefits made by original mod.
  • No esp.
  • No data or cell modify.

It may be strange to hear but the mod could be both more and less compatible. In this sense I consider it experimental although I don't think it presents any critical issues. The question is the follow:

  • The original mod, being an esm, was loaded very high in the load order and possibly a mod that was loaded later and that wanted to reactivate an object could do so. It must be said that until now I don't remember any mod that reactivates those objects.

  • The new mod does not allow subsequent mods to use those items that will remain permanently inconsistent in game. So no patch is necessary and possible. It also has the advantage that by deleting the ini file, the objects return to where they were, without having to worry about the load order. It can be uninstalled at any time without affecting the game.

  • Compatible with VR.

  • Safe to install/remove midgame.

Install this like a plugin into YourSkyrimFolder/data.