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Multiple followers. Manage outfits, spells, combat style, home assignment and level up. Make werewolves or vampires lords. Followers ride horses, make camp, avoid traps, ignore friendly fire, toggle city/standard outfits & helmets, pose, dance and more

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First off, all credit goes to Dhuester who is the creator of this mod. I am only the one who ported it. As par of Dhuester's open source rules listed under permissions, since this mod contains more than 51% of AFT's code base, see credit section's below to view pasted permissions from Dhuester, it is of course free, and anyone has permission to modify this rendition of Amazing Follower Tweaks for Skyrim Special Edition as long as you follow Dhuester's open source rules as well.
Dhuester's pasted permissions: "Feel free to extract code snippets from AFT and use them in your own mod. While credit is always appreciated, you don't need to credit to me
if you only use a few scripts.
So where is the line? If your derived work uses 51% or more of AFT's code base, then standard open
source rules apply: Credit is required, keep it free and give others the
same permission to modify YOUR work. Translations, Tweaks and GUI
overhauls all fall into this later category."
Here is the link to the original nexus mod page:   
(This mod is also featured on for xbox one and pc)
(All links of this mod will be added to the sticky notes on the original nexus page)
Additional credit goes to
Dance Animations provided by Umpa:
Dance Animations for Modder:

What is this mod?
It is a modified rendition of Amazing Follower Tweaks by Dhuester for Skyrim Special Edition.
Description from original mod page: Multiple followers. Manage outfits, spells, combat style, home assignment and level up. Make werewolves or vampires lords. Followers
will ride horses, make camp, avoid traps, ignore friendly fire, auto
relax, auto change into standard/city/home outfit. Auto toggle helmets.
Followers pose, dance, and more...

How do I use the mod?
When the mod is first loaded into the game, 2 spells will appear in your magic selection. They will let you access features of this mod remotely. To, for example, summon all followers (in case they get lost), transform all werewolf/vampire lord followers, access AFT settings, etc. To access AFT for followers, simply talk to them and select the dialogue option 'Tweaks'.

Max followers: You can have a max of 5 followers at one time, I have not tested beyond that yet. Additionally, there is an option in AFT settings to limit it to 3 followers if you choose to.

Features listed from original mod page:
- AI Improvements:
Followers avoid/ignore traps, interact with environments, auto-toggle helmets, recharge their
weapons, forgive friendly fire. And all of this is optional of coarse.

- Control Follower Outfits
(version 1.6) When managing follower outfits, followers receive a backpack. Then
you can assign whatever items and weapons you want them to use and put
everything else in the backpack. AFT includes 3 configurable outfits. An
outfit is simply a list of items from the backpack. There is a standard
list, an in-city list and an in-home list. When changing areas, AFT
will automatically transfer items to and from the backpack so that your
follower automatically equips the pre-configured outfits.
Feel free to create your outfit out of your favorite custom mod items.

- Teach Followers new spells:
Aft supports two spell types: Regular Spells and Tweak Spells. You can
teach a follower either type by equipping known spells and selecting the
appropriate option from the magic menu.
Regular spells are handled by the games standard combat AI. However you may also create up
to 4 "Tweak" Spells that can be customized to cast under certain
conditions on certain players. This is especially handy for creating
cleric type characters.
DragonBorn DLC and Dawnguard DLC spells supported.

- Dismiss Followers, but tell them to hang out where you are
Handy for keeping all your followers in one location (like your house).

- Turn followers into werewolves!
If you are a werewolf, just tell them to drink your blood. You can then
configure the conditions in which they will change from their combat
style menu

- Turn followers into vampires
If you are a vampire, feel free to "embrace" your follower. They will
become a vampire and gain the expected resistances and spells.

- Turn followers into vampire lords
If you happen to have Dawnguard, you will be able to upgrade your
followers to pure-blood vampire lords. This means they aren't disfigured
in the face and can transform into Vampire Lord form.

- Control Follower Combat Style
Encourages AI through bonus damage incentives. Assigning a combat style also
enables AFT to manage your follower stats and level them up with the
player beyond their cap.
The "Spell Sword" and "Mage Staff" styles include micro-managed combat AI that ensures followers use a
combination of their weapon and spells.

- Manage Level Up
AFT supports both Auto and Manual Level Up modes so you can do nothing or
specify where every last stat and skill point goes. It is your call.
When managed, your follower will continue to receive stat and skill
bonuses even beyond their level cap.

- Remotely command followers in combat
A Tweak Command Power lets you direct followers during combat. Tell
followers to attack or hold back, summon them to you or even tell
followers to transform into their Beast forms.

- Pose Followers
Have followers strike a pose or dance and then have them stay that way. A fun way to add ambience to your camp or house.

- Possess the body of your followers (Vampires only)
Charge into combat possessing the body of a follower (who has maybe
transformed into a werewolf?). When your follower falls, you will
transfer back to the players body, safely stashed away around the

- Stealth Mode
A power that makes all followers invisible and muffled until YOU get caught. Great for assassination missions.

- Tell Followers to Make camp
Very basic tent, sleeping bags, and fire. Enable the enhanced AI and tell
followers to WAIT at camp if you wish to see them make use of the camp

- Option: Followers cant die
For people that don't like reloading.

- Option: Followers Catch up on weapon draw
Following the player across skyrim's treacherous terrain can be difficult.
Luckly, followers will catch up to you anytime you draw your weapon.
Handy when you find yourself surrounded by enemies.

- Option: Ask Followers to sleep anywhere
A boon for vampires who can use followers as a travelling happy meal.

- Option: Beast form followers ignored just like summoned creatures.
You can walk around with 2 Daedric Lords, so why do people care if you have
a werewolf or two? This option prevents people from attacking you on
sight if you have werewolf or Vampire Lord followers.

- Option: Followers Ride Horses
It is amazing how much immersion it adds to see your followers mount up. See readme for restrictions.

- Option : 1000 carrying capacity for Followers
Get through 2 whole quests before needing to visit a merchant.

- Item De-duplication
Followers can automatically remove duplicate items from your inventory. (some
items like arrows, soul gems, nirnroots and lock picks are ignored)

- Followers can auto Fence items
Save time when you have 5 followers sporting 5000 lbs of inventory. Nice when combined with Item de-duplication.

- Option : Control Follower Aggression
Prevent them from attacking people when you are trying to sneak around.

- Option : Control Follower Courage
Prevent them from running from combat.

- Option : Control Follower Morality
Ever get tired of a follower refusing to do something you tell them to? Well, this mod makes sure that doesn't happen.

- Additional Marriage Options
Illia, Aranea, Eola, Ugor, and Lydia by popular request. Also Erik the Slayer, Golldir, Ahtar.

- Ability to remove Follower Bows
What can I say. The bow on the back is irritating.

- Bonus Outfit Support** (See readme for details)
A custom outfit you can have any follower put on. Outfit packs coming soon.

This mod isn't compatible with mods that alter the follower limit, and may have some issues with eye textures for certain custom race mods.

Commonly asked questions:
Is this mod compatible with custom follower mods?
It should be, but that isn't a guarantee.

Can't you make the max follower limit more than 5?
I could, but it would be very extensive and I have a family to take care of.

If you enjoy this mod, please endorse and give props to the original Nexus page.

***For any additional inquires, please direct your questions to to the comment section.

If you comment and ask a question, please be prepared to wait a little while for feedback. I mainly spend most of my time monitoring Bethesda because that is where all of the other mods I have uploaded are (because I prefer Bethesda over Nexus). Additionally, I have a family and a little girl to spend time with and am responsible for, I can't spend every moment of every day monitoring every comment section of all of the mods I have downloaded. That being said, if you ask a question please be patient.