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This mod allows for followers to die and get injuries resulting from battles. The chances are quite low, but it will keep the game fresh and allow for more interesting experiences and narratives when it happens.

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To keep your game narrative more interesting and unpredictable and to prevent you from using them as meat shields, I present to you...

This mod allows for followers to die (killed by other NPCs) and there's also a chance they get injuries resulting from battles. As per version 3.0 (August 2023 update), this is what happens when your followers' health reaches 0:

  • Follower is fine (mini injury).
  • →  80% chance.  They get a small debuff for a couple of minutes.

  • Follower gets a serious injury.
  • 15% chance. They're injured for a number of days, which decreases their stats. They get a bandage in their head (or in their arms if it's a khajiit/argonian race) and the system notifies you of their injury. You should consider sending your follower home to heal as otherwise their stats will be quite low and they will be more likely to fall in battle (and possibly die). -

  • Follower dies.
  • → 5% chance. May their soul go to Sovngarde. Your follower has suffered an injury they could not recover from.      ‎

As of version 3.0, this mod is handled via SPID, meaning no edits to vanilla records. Should be compatible with everything.

  • You monster, why do you want followers to die!
  • → I love story-telling and creating my own narratives when I'm playing Skyrim. Having a follower die on you can be a turning point in the story of your character. In vanilla, leaving a follower behind and running for your life has no consequences, as you know they will be fine. Now, you will have to wonder if you've left your follower to their death, or if they manage to sneak out somehow and come back to you. Having actual stakes when playing with followers is something I really wished to have, but simply marking followers "non-protected" is just unfair to the player, as we know most followers fall to their knees every second fight they're in. I think this is a good balance where you'll actually have to actively protect your followers.
  • Why can't Serana die?
  • → I'm sure it can be changed, but I don't want to mess/break the Dawnguard expansion. If imported into EFF or NFF, she will suffer injuries just like other followers.

  • How did you get your followers to look injured in the pictures included in this mod? And the grave?
  • The bandage is part of this mod. If you want the injuries, you'll need to use EFF (for access to the follower tattoo system), or use the EFF Standalone Cosmetic Menu. The overlay used in the screenshots belong to Skin Feature Overlays. The bandage gets applied automatically by my mod, the visual injuries is something completely optional and external that you'd have to do yourself with the mods I mentioned here. The grave from the screenshot is also from another mod (Skill of the Wild).    ‎