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Brand new HD realistic textures and smoother mesh for the rabbit. Standalone replacer or ESPL with 5 new randomized colors.

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Update 2/14/2021: Happy Valentine's Day!  I've added a beta high-poly mesh under the optional files.

While updating the animals in my game, I was surprised that there weren't nearly as many options for Rabbit textures as there are other creatures.  For fun and practice I thought I'd whip up a few.

Real Rabbits HD adds a new high-resolution texture and modified mesh, while keeping close to the vanilla colors and art style.  Optionally, the Diverse version will add 5 extra colors, and has a "skin randomizer" so all the rabbits in your game will look different (see Technical Details for more information.)

  • If you want to just replace the vanilla rabbits with something better, grab the Replacer version.
  • If you want the new randomized colors, install the Diverse version. Just make sure the plugin is moved lower (toward the bottom) of your load order to avoid conflicts.
  • If you'd like the higher-poly mesh, grab it from the optional files (single loose file, will be packed into new version after verified that it's working correctly for everyone.)

The rabbit is one of the few animals that is hand-placed directly all over the map, and is part of multiple leveled lists.  To avoid conflicts, I use a very simple method:  A new ability spell is on the HareRace that randomly equips one of the skins when they spawn.  It is extremely lightweight, and is similar to how Automatic Variants used to work for LE if you're familiar.  Being an ability at the race level, you'll need to make sure the plugin is lower in your load order to avoid any conflicts.  For more information see the Frequently Asked Questions sticky post.

Mods that use the vanilla HareRace will automatically use these textures.  Mods that completely change the mesh and use a different UV mapping than vanilla will not be compatible.

This is not compatible with the SMIM rabbit mesh, but you can grab my own high poly mesh from the optional files here if you want less point bun buns.

  • Substance Painter
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Creation Kit
  • SSE Archive