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Ragged Flagon Alternate Entrance-Exit version that is compatible with JK's The Ragged Flagon mod. Fixes a few see-through enviroment parts and some minor issues.

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This is an alternative version of Ferogain's Ragged Flagon Alternate Entrance-Exit mod that is compatible with JK's The Ragged Flagon. I made it for myself but figured I should share it in case others want to use it.

Ragged Flagon Alternate Entrance-Exit removes the fake floor Bethesda added to the cistern in the Ragged Flagon, and adds an alternate entrance-exit at the bottom of it which allows you to quickly come and go from outside of Riften (please check the original mod description for more information).

JK's The Ragged Flagon on the other hand, makes use of that floor to add some very nice plants around the edges of the cistern. There is a patch that exists for both mods provided in JK's Interiors Patch Collection but I didn't particularly like the way it patches both mods, it keeps the floor and repositions the alternate entrance-exit below the wooden bridge, whereas my version keeps the swimmable cistern and the alternate entrance-exit at the bottom.

Check the screenshots to see how I attempt to 'fix' this, be aware that the lights in the screenshots are not present underwater, I just placed a few while taking the screenshots so you can see the changes, the cistern doesn't have light sources underwater (same as in the original Ragged Flagon Alternate Entrance-Exit mod) so you'll need to bring your own light source down there (for multiple Magelight casting I suggest Magelight Multicast mod).

Here's a list of what I did:
  • I created a 'ledge' to support the floating not-connected-to-anything bases (dirt mounds with plants).
  • I repositioned the stairs to climb out of the water slightly to accomodate the ledge (you can also use the ledge to stand up and jump out now), plus I added a small platform at the top end of each stair to ease with the transition.
  • I removed one stair that ended up below JK's bridge (see screenshot), it had no purpose plus it looked weird.
  • I created a sort of 'floor' below the ledge to avoid the see-through parts, there is still some clipping with the textures and a few see-through parts if you are super close to the edge of the ledge, because fixing it properly would require a ton of work and a custom retextured model probably, I tried to make it as least noticeable as I could with the vanilla assets, still I think it's a semi-decent solution, especially considering the cistern is REALLY dark down there, so it's not that noticeable.
  • Finally, since JK's The Ragged Flagon also replaces the vanilla wooden deck with their own deck that is shorter and was only anchored to the cistern fake floor, I had to creat a woodbeam structure to support that deck because it also had see-through parts at the bottom of the wood beams.

You don't need the original RFExit.esp file from Ragged Flagon Alternate Entrance-Exit mod, nor JKs Ragged Flagon - RFExit Patch.esp from JK's Interiors Patch Collection if you use my mod. Just download and place my version of RFExit.esp below JK's The Ragged Flagon.esp and that's it. (if you were already using RFExit.esp you can replace it with mine, it's the same file only slightly edited with the author's permission of course).

Two alternatives, choose one:

1st. Click the MOD MANAGER DOWNLOAD button. Activate with your mod manager and you're good to go.

 Manual installation: just open the file and copy the .esp file to your Skyrim Special Edition\Data directory. Then activate the file using your mod manager.

  • JK's The Raggen Flagon: obviously compatible, as it is the main reason for my compatible version to exist.
  • JK's Interiors Patch Collection: compatible with the Ragged Flagon patches available there except with the JKs Ragged Flagon - RFExit Patch.esp plugin that patches the same original mod (Ragged Flagon Alternate Entrance-Exit) only differently.
  • Ragged Flagon Alternate Entrance-Exit: incompatible, either use the original RFExit.esp from that mod along with the JKs Ragged Flagon - RFExit.esp patch from JK's Interior Patch Collection, or use my RFExit.esp directly without the other patch as it is not needed with my version.

  • Opulent Thieves Guild: compatible as well, though you may see a few bottles floating around below the deck as they are static bottles this mod places on the fake floor that is removed as part of the Ragged Flagon Alternate Entrance-Exit original mod. I've uploaded my own version of the OTG Patch from JK's Interiors Patch Collection as an optional file. If you use my OTG Patch you don't need the OTG Patch from the interios patch collection, it's basically the same file only edited by me (uploaded with permission from Janquel) so you can just replace it if you were already using it. It's still ESL so it won't take up a slot from your load order. If you are also using ELFX you will also need the OTG + ELFX patch from JK's Interiors Patch Collection, it requires OTG Patch as a master so it is already be compatible with my version of the OTG Patch.

My OTG Patch is meant to be used alongside my version of Ragged Flagon Alternate Entrance-Exit although it doesn't require it as a master so you can use it without it, but it's meant to be used with the alternate entrance-exit. If you use it without it the only difference is that you won't see the static bottles on the fake floor of the cistern because they were moved to the bottom of the cistern, but you'll still get the basket fix, the repositioned map and the moved-away chair in the main path.

These are the changes I made in my version of the OTG Patch (see the creenshots of these changes):
- OTG (the mod, not the patch) adds a lot of alcohol around, so I moved all the static 'floating' bottles to the bottom of the cistern, the thieves probably throw the empty bottles there when they get drunk.
- I also added a few static bones at the bottom of the cistern as well, something cruel probably happened there, there's a skull and a hand trying to cling to a half-buried bottle of wine (dead-drunk?), and there's half a skeleton with a shiv driven through its ribcage-heart (love tragedy maybe?) *
- I fixed a floating basket-full-of-pelts that is added by OTG to the blacksmith.
- I moved a map behind a fishnet to be more visible and centered.
- I moved a chair out of the way, it kind of ruined the main path after walking past the bridge for me.

* While I was placing the ribcage and testing the placement of everything in-game I heard these two pieces of dialogue between Vekel (the guy running the
Ragged Flagon) and Tonilia, which gave me the love tragedy idea with the shiv (perhaps Vekel has acted on his jealousy in the past):
Vekel: "Why can't you just settle down and run the Flagon with me?"
Tonilia: "I don't want to settle. I like things the way they are."
Vekel: "Come on, Ton. Marry me. Let me take care of you."
Tonilia: "I can take care of myself."
Vekel: "Look, I need to know. What's going on between you and Brynjolf?"
Tonilia: "How dare you! After all we've been through together? How can you do this to me!"
Vekel: "Hey, hey. Sorry. I just get jealous when I hear rumors about you."
Tonilia: "That's all they are... rumors. So quit worrying."

  • Ferogain: for giving me permission to upload my version of his mod.
  • Janquel: for also giving me permission to upload this since it's a different take on his patch for the same thing.