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Reduces the sound fx of the fire, frost, lightning and whirlwind cloak spells, as well as Stendarr's Aura spell. Three versions to choose from. Audio replacer, no ESP file.

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I've been using the cloak spells a lot lately and the ongoing sound fx of the cloak spells started to annoy me, I searched for mods with 'quieter' versions of those sounds but I couldn't find any (the only one I could find muted them entirely), so I decided to make this for myself and share it.

I couldn't made up my mind on the amount of volume reduction I wanted, so I ended up making three versions:
  • 50% volume reduction
  • 80% volume reduction
  • 90% volume reduction (this one you can barely listen to it, but whatever, it's there in case someone wants it)

(the percentages are indicated mostly to make it simple to choose what to install, reducing volume by a fixed percentage can be a bit misleading, it would be more accurate to specify the amount of dB reduced, but for simplicity sake.... percentages)

The mod replaces the 'ongoing' sound fx for the following spells:
  • Flame Cloak
  • Frost Cloak
  • Lightning Cloak
  • Whirlwind Cloak
  • Stendarr's Aura

There's a comparison video I made using the Flame Cloak spell so that you can check the three versions (50%, 80% and 90%), I didn't change the casting sound fx, only the ongoing fx you hear while the spell remains active, I left the casting fx unchanged because the spells are configured as 'Loud' in the CK for detection purposes so I figured the casting sound is ok being a bit louder (plus what annoyed me was the ongoing fx which is what I wanted to change after all).

  • FOMOD installer, choose -50%, -80% or -90%.
  • Audio replacers, no ESP file. :)
  • Compatible with everything that doesn't change: 
- mag_cloakfire_lp.wav
- mag_cloakfrost_lp.wav 
- mag_cloakshock_lp.wav
- mag_whirlwind_lp.wav
- mag_destruction_stendarrsaura_active_2d_lp.wav