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Changes the Bullseye perk to the Dragonslayer perk which gives 20% chance to deal double damage to dragons using bows or crossbows. ESPFE plugin (ESL).

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(if you are looking for the classic Skyrim edition of this mod, grab it here)

Dragonslayer Perk

This is a port from my old 'Bullseye to Dragonslayer Perk' mod for Skyrim. I updated it for myself and figured I would share it in case anyone still uses it.

The perk grants a 20% chance of dealing double damage to dragons when using bows or crossbows. The reasons I decided to go with this specific creature-type oriented perk are:

- Getting to 100 in any skill should give access to a cool perk in my opinion, but the Bullseye perk isn't that great if you ask me. Don't get me wrong, it is useful in some circumstances, but I just don't find it that interesting.

- I always though that pure archers lacked the damage output needed to take down dragons. Personally I don't use any 'increased arrows/bolts damage' options from my own ABT AE - Arrows and Bolts Tweaks mod, I kinda like vanilla arrows/bolts damage so I didn't want to increase it. But dragons are tough opponents (as they should be) so I thought giving archers a little extra damage this way would be welcomed.

- I also based my decision on mods like Deadly Dragons, and other mods that make dragon fights harder and less frequent. For everyday fights the archery perk tree already grants +100% bow/crossbow damage with all Overdraw perks maxed out, and 3 levels on the Critical Shot perks boost critical hits, but dragon fights are supposed to be EPIC, so giving archers a boost for an epic fight made sense to me, and sounded cool too. Now Dragons will truly fear the Dovahkiin's ranged attacks.

- Last but not least, there's not a single dragon-related perk in ANY of the perk trees, kind of weird for a dragonborn not to be able to improve his/her dragon-slaying abilities... After all, The Book of the Dragonborn does say 'The Nords tell tales of Dragonborn heroes who were great dragonslayers, able to steal the power of the dragons they killed.'

The mod is ESPFE (ESP flagged as ESL), which means it is a light plugin so it doesn't take one of your ESP slots.

Two alternatives, choose one:

1st. Click the MOD MANAGER DOWNLOAD button. Activate with your mod manager and you're good to go.

 Manual installation: just open the file and copy the .esp file to your Skyrim Special Edition\Data directory. Then activate the file using your mod manager.

  • 83Willow: for letting me use her screenshot when I first published this mod.
  • Nilecitypatrik (@ DeviantArt): for providing the title's background image for this mod.