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As per Portal the game, two interconnected portals can be established and traveled between. This old mod has now been ported to Skyrim SE.

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(if you are looking for the classic Skyrim edition of this mod you can grab it here)

Kevkas: I have reached out to atducey and he was kind enough to give me permission to upload the port I made of his mod. I've ported version 1.4 which is the version I had been using, before he added the Portal gun and other extra stuff, version 1.4 was perfect in my opinion, worked as expected and didn't go beyond the initial scope of the mod.

The description is the one that v1.4 had, and I recreated the original screenshot and added a few of my own (you can find the original screenshot in the Images section if you are curious). I happened to keep a local copy of v1.4 for my own use so the mod is as it was back then, I won't be updating it so don't ask me for additional stuff as I didn't create it, I'm just sharing my port with you with his permission.

Please visit the original mod page comments section if you have questions.

All credit goes to him for creating it in the first place. Enjoy.

Author: Alex Ducey (atducey)
Ported to SSE by: Kevkas
Version: 1.4.1

Two spell tomes are found on Farengar's desk which will give you the ability to cast a light portal and a dark portal. They both shoot projectiles that when they hit will make the appropriate portal. Walk into one, you come out the other. They both take a bit of time to charge before you cast them, this was done to detract people from using them in combat as they were designed to be used out of combat.

This can be used as a Mark/Recall spell, to get home and such from dungeons.
Other uses up to you. They last forever until replaced.

Use it? Love it? Endorse it!

New version. In celebration of the video, and to address the weakness outlined therein, projectiles can now be portalled. However, they come out going the same direction they went in with. Unfortunately Bethsoft's engine is not like the Havok used in Portal, and I can think of no way to have the portals rotate to match the surface that they are stuck upon.

Incidentally, you too now come out of portals going the same direction you went in with, eliminating the problem of winding up portalling directly into a wall.

Now you can have ever more Valve-y fun by jumping off of cliffs into your portal. Go Sailing the Skies of Skyrim!

Two alternatives, choose one:

1st. Click the MOD MANAGER DOWNLOAD button. Activate with your mod manager and you're good to go.

 Manual installation: just open the file and copy the .esp file to your Skyrim Special Edition\Data directory. Then activate the file using the NMM.

If you are using JK's Dragonsreach mod, download the version that is compatible with that mod.

Don't cast one portal without ever having cast the other and walk into the one you have cast. You'll end up in an odd little room.

  • Author: Alex Ducey (atducey)
  • Original mod can be found: here