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Edits the 55 loading screens added by RFM. Rewritten for immersion. Still get their original points across. Fixed spelling/grammar. No more parenthetical nametag.

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Note: This patch does NOT add new load screen images, change the font, or alter the UI format.
All of that is up to your own modlist!
This patch only edits the messages added to the game by Reforging - To the Masses.

If you're interested in a total vanilla Skyrim overhaul of load screen messages (not images) matching this patch's style, you can get it here:

Reforging RFM's Load Screens
Immersive Editions

I made this for myself and thought I'd share it after reading some of the comments on Reforging's page. Some users suggested deleting the relevant record from the mod's plugin to get rid of the messages entirely. The better solution for me was to simply alter the text to be more palatable for users who prefer immersive messages. Plus, those messages include many tips and clues from the mod's author that aren't transcribed anywhere else (at least that I know of). So by just deleting them, users would be more likely to miss out on weapons that can only be forged under certain circumstances or found in specific locations.

There's not much else to explain, so I'll just outline each of the basic changes below and give an example.


- Removed the parenthetical nametag at the end of every message.

Akaviri weapons are very rare in Skyrim.
(Reforging- to the masses)

Akaviri weapons are very rare in Skyrim.

- Fixed a few spelling and grammar issues.

Excerpt: "Take it to the Skyforrge to restore the mighty weapon."
Excerpt: "Perhaps the Skyforge can restore its former glory."

- Modified references to quests so they reflect place or event names instead.


You can forge a Nordic Sigil Greatsword that deals extra damage to elves after
completing the Lost Legacy quest given by Tharstan in Skaal Village.
(Reforging- to the masses)
On Solstheim, deep within the resting place of Vahlok, there is a history lost to time. Deciphering it may reveal clues to the forging of new

- Modified all notes on combat mechanics to be more immersive.

Silver weapons deal 20% increased damage to undead. Although you will not see information about this anywhere, it is true.
(Reforging - to the masses)
Even without an enchantment, silver weapons are known to be naturally effective against undead.

- Replaced the mod features and mechanics notes with new, more relevant text.

"Reforging - to the masses" is the author's evolution of the "Reforging" project with These two mods do NOT conflict with each other.
(Reforging - to the masses)
Reforging is not strictly the recreation of a smith’s work. It can also be the process of reimagining a new purpose or wielder for a weapon that has lost one - or both of these.

That's it.
Stay safe and have fun.

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