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Includes HQ grammar. Compatible with background replacers. Edits vanilla load screen messages to offer full immersion and better cohesion with mods. No more irrelevant gameplay tips.

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Note: This mod does NOT edit load screen background images, font style, or interface format. Those are up to your own modlist.

Immersive Load Screen Message Overhaul
Realistic Revisions

I was tired of Skyrim's vanilla load screens failing to enhance my immersion by giving me instructions on buttons to press, stats to increase, and ways to earn EXP. It was also annoying to receive these tutorial-type tips when they didn't even apply to my game, because mods.

I searched, but found no mods that quite accomplished what I was looking for. There are mods that add new load screens, and others that overwrite small (rarely large) portions of the messages, but none fulfilled my standard for grammar as a professional (I am admittedly hard to please) as well as my desire for immersion.

Mods titled "load screen replacers" are mostly talking about images. The vanilla messages still get cycled in separate from their assigned background, unless an author takes the time to apply false conditions to all 354+ vanilla load screen record entries.

So I cracked open xEdit and got to work on those 354+ messages. I made any necessary corrections to grammar, and rewrote most (~70%) of the lines completely. Lore excerpts and quotes were left alone other than fixing typos, since they are already immersive. Any messages that had to be replaced were supplanted by excerpts of TES Lore from The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages and the other TES games, or freshly written by me based on these sources.

There are 
USSEP and Non-USSEP versions of this mod, since USSEP also applies fixes to these records, adds new relevant records, and even fixes a few grammatical issues. 

This mod ONLY makes changes to the WORDS displayed onscreen during load times—nothing else. It is COMPATIBLE with any typical load screen background image replacer mods, as well as mods that add new messages and/or images.

Samples of my edits can be found below, if you would like to keep scrolling and get an idea of what is being shared.

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Patches for Mods That Add New Messages:


This overhaul is designed to mesh well with most load orders containing gameplay-changing mods. The text is purely immersive, utilizing realism rather than direct gameplay instruction. I was also sure to use vague terminology in order to allow some freedom of interpretation; words like "may/might" and phrases such as "it is traditional," instead of making assertions. So, unless your mods completely reverse the lore (like vampires immune to fire or Argonians that can't swim), these messages should suit your modded Skyrim much better than vanilla.

Examples of The Changes:

- Revised the text in general to fit my own taste. Dull facts that are bluntly written and pointlessly obvious, such as, "Once you've helped someone, they will like you," make me cringe.

Once you’ve helped someone, they will like you. Some people may even be willing to follow you and carry out your orders.
One way to secure allies is by helping people in need. Many denizens of Skyrim are warriors in their own right who will fight by your side once you earn their respect.

- Revised references to specific skills or abilities so that they still give you the same general info, but in more immersive and mod-friendly terms.


The Apprentice Stone ability doubles your Magicka and regeneration speed, but makes you twice as susceptible to spells.
In the swamps of Hjaalmarch, somewhere south of Solitude and northwest of Morthal, the Standing Stone of the Apprentice sits. The power it grants should be of interest to any mage seeking to increase their talents.

Each day spent as a vampire without feeding increases your powers. Sunlight reduces, or even eliminates your ability to regenerate health, magicka or stamina. Feed on a sleeping victim, or someone under your seduction spell to reduce sun damage.
Vampires are powerful creatures that are immortal to the effects of age, resilient to harm, and dependent only on blood and darkness. As their endless time marches on, they only tend to grow in strength.

- Revised all tips on gameplay mechanics, controls and button presses, UI interactions, and other technical features to be more immersive.

Combat-based magic only improves when used against valid opponents.
If you truly want to train yourself in the use of combat magic, cast it in battle against real enemies. You aren't going to learn what it's like to kill with fire if your opponent isn't something that screams.


A readied arrow will be put back into its quiver if the bow is sheathed.
Between an axe or a bow, one could say the bow is a more merciful weapon. Should you have second thoughts, you can relieve your hold on a bowstring and return the arrow to its quiver. Halting a heavy blade mid-strike is not so easy.

- Replaced messages that could not be saved (i.e., they didn't make a point that warranted a rewrite) with new text relevant to whatever vanilla image was tied to their record entries.


[Note: the image paired with this message's record is an elven war axe.]
If you have an enchanted weapon equipped, its current enchantment level is shown above your Stamina bar or Magicka bar.
Moonstone is an ivory-colored resource found in ore veins throughout Tamriel. It is generally used to make elven armor and weapons, but the Khajiit are also known to favor it.

Corrected vanilla grammar and consistency. Most of it involved heavy abuse of the ellipsis, some questionable capitalization choices (or lack thereof), usage of errant terms, and an outdated lack of adherence to the serial comma. USSEP dealt with many but not all of these instances.

Giants are generally peaceful creatures, so long as potential threats keep their distance... and leave their mammoths unharmed.
Giants are generally peaceful creatures, so long as potential threats keep their distance and leave their mammoths unharmed.


Soul gems with souls in them are used to create and recharge magic weapons and armor.
Filled soul gems are typically used to create and recharge enchanted weapons and armor.

   - Corrected USSEP's grammar. It was mostly inconsistent or atypical capitalization (which I either perpetuated or reverted, respectively), and some errant additions or removals of words.
[Note: the pronoun choice is correct.]
Boethiah is the daedric prince of deceit, conspiracy, and secret plots of murder. Many dark elves consider him to be their god-ancestor.
[Note: the pronoun choice is correct.]
Boethiah is the daedric prince of deceit, conspiracy, and secret plots of murder. Many Dark Elves consider her to be their god-ancestor.
[Note: making the pronoun neutral is more accurate and gets rid of the contradiction.]
Boethiah is the Daedric Prince of deceit, conspiracy, and secret plots of murder. Many Dark Elves consider this Daedroth to be their god-ancestor.


Dawnstar is the capital of the Pale, known for its rich mines and harbor.
Dawnstar is the capital of The Pale, known for its rich mines and harbor.
[In the USSEP version of the mod, the ITM record is copied over so it reverts USSEP's change.]
[In the Non-USSEP version of the mod, this record is not present (it is left unmodified with no overwrites).]

Dawnstar is the capital of the Pale, known for its rich mines and harbor.

That's the gist of it.
Stay safe and have fun.

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