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A lore-friendly set of heavy vampire armor. Three variations can be crafted, each with a unique effect that is applied once wearing all four pieces.

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A lore-friendly set of heavy vampire armor that comes in 3 variations,
each with a unique effect that is applied once all four pieces are worn.
The armor is made with vanilla assets, so it fits into
the game seamlessly.


The set is equivalent to the ebony tier, and can be crafted with the ebony smithing perk.
The hood offers much less protection than the ebony helmet but is balanced by
the other pieces having a higher armor rating. 

3 versions of the cuirass can be crafted, each giving a unique bonus when worn in
combination with the Volkihar Knight boots, gauntlets, and hood. Each piece of
armor can also be tempered and enchanted.

R O Y A L  G U A R D  C U I R A S S

— Of Royal Blood —

Gives a 15% chance to throw melee attackers into the
air, draining their health by 20pts for 4 seconds

A B Y S S W A L K E R   C U I R A S S

— One With the Abyss —

Muffles your footsteps and allows vampires to
regenerate stamina, magicka, and health in Sunlight

A S S A S S I N  C U I R A S S

— Smoke and Shadow —

Turns you into a wisp of smoke when you sneak
outside of combat, granting you invisibility


  • Male and Female versions
  • 3 variations with unique effects
  • Craftable at the forge (with ebony smithing)
  • Upgradeable at the workbench (with ebony smithing)
  • Optional light armor version
  • Fully enchantable
  • Beast races supported


The only potential incompatibility with this mod would be any mod that alters the vampire weakness to sunlight effect, which will cause the Abysswalker effect to not regenerate properly. I will be releasing compatibility patches for these mods and will update this section once they're out.

Compatibility patches are available as options in the installer for:

I N S T A L L  /  U N I N S T A L L

Use your mod manager of choice to install the mod (manual install not recommended, it's messy).

To uninstall, first take off any pieces of the armor, make a new save, then quit the game and uninstall using your mod manager.

C O M I N G  S O O N

In order of priority, but subject to change if anyone has suggestions.

  • Weight slider support
  • A full dungeon and quest to unlock recipes for the armor
  • Possibly another set of lower tier armor