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Have you ever thought an artifact had a gorgeous model, but the enchantments just didn't fit your play style? With this add on, you can temper and enchant any weapon or armor replica in Legacy to suit your needs.

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This add on:
  • Resets the values of the weapon and armor replicas in Legacy of the Dragonborn to the base values of their material keyword*. So if a sword has the steel keyword, it will have the stats/value of a steel sword.
  • Adds tempering recipes so you can improve the weapons and armor which take advantage of your smithing perks.
  • Corrected some issues found with Legacy replicas.

With the proper smithing buffs you should be able to make any of these replicas viable for end game play (doubly so if you're using a decent perk overhaul).

*(I didn't go back and double check that the recipes to make the replicas corresponded with the keyword, so if you notice a discrepancy please let me know!)