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Adds a small display to LOTD's Hall of Secrets to house a set of the Volkihar Knight armor.

Permissions and credits
Small patch I wanted to make to display the fantastic vampire-themed Volkihar Knight set. 

Display Features:
  • No special activation criteria, other than having found and fixed up the Hall of Secrets.  

  • The hood, gauntlet, and boot displays will accept any of the four Volkihar Knight armor variants. 
  • Deciding order is Heavy/normal > light/normal > Heavy/legendary > light/legendary. All four variants of these pieces are visually identical. 

  • The cuirass section will only accept the Heavy(Legendary) variant of the armor
  • It can, however, reflect the choice of either Abysswalker, Assassin, or Royal Guard coloration. Deciding order is Rg > As > Ab

  • A stylish skull attached to the armor rack to keep your hood from wrinkling. It's important.

  • Version 1.1 and above: Replicas for each of the Heavy(Legendary) color variants. Need to be in your inventory in order for them to show up in the Museum/Safehouse replica station. Deciding order is the same as above, but the real items take priority over the replicas. 
  • Replica Tempering support! Balances the replicas around steel armor. 


  1. Download the file
  2. Mod is packaged in a mod manager friendly way, use a mod manager to install/uninstall

Thanks and Credits:
Yamanotaka - Author of Volkihar Knight, fantastic standalone armor. Used the mod's armor meshes to make the statics for display. 
Icecreamassassin, LOTD Team/Discord - making Legacy of the Dragonborn and the dev kit. Being generally helpful and cool. 
Sirjesto - Checking over my work and fixing some rookie mistakes I probably made
Ic0nIc0de - Curator's Companion support
Kriana - Replica Tempering support

My stuff:
That Guy#8995 on Discord, or Spacedroner in the LOTD Discord.
Volkihar Knight - LOTD Patch (you're here)