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Adds a small display to LOTD's Hall of Secrets to house a set of the Volkihar Knight armor.

Permissions and credits
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Small patch I wanted to make to display the fantastic vampire-themed Volkihar Knight set. 

Officially endorsed addon for Legacy of the Dragonborn

Display Features:
  • No special activation criteria, other than having found and fixed up the Hall of Secrets.  

  • The hood, gauntlet, and boot displays will accept any of the four Volkihar Knight armor variants. 
  • Deciding order is Heavy/normal > light/normal > Heavy/legendary > light/legendary. All four variants of these pieces are visually identical. 

  • The cuirass section will only accept the Heavy(Legendary) variant of the armor
  • It can, however, reflect the choice of either Abysswalker, Assassin, or Royal Guard coloration. Deciding order is Rg > As > Ab

  • A stylish skull attached to the armor rack to keep your hood from wrinkling. It's important.

  • Version 1.1 and above: Replicas for each of the Heavy(Legendary) color variants. Need to be in your inventory in order for them to show up in the Museum/Safehouse replica station. Deciding order is the same as above, but the real items take priority over the replicas. 
  • Replica Tempering support! Balances the replicas around steel armor. 

  • Version 1.3 and above: Female armor variant! Only install one version of the patch, as the plugin will dictate the layout of the display. I had to make minor positional changes to avoid clipping with the armor rack. 


  1. Download the file
  2. Mod is packaged in a mod manager friendly way, use a mod manager to install/uninstall
  3. Use the TCC patch (optional) from the official TCC fomod

Thanks and Credits:
Yamanotaka - Author of Volkihar Knight, fantastic standalone armor. Used the mod's armor meshes to make the statics for display. 
Icecreamassassin, LOTD Team/Discord - making Legacy of the Dragonborn and the dev kit. Being generally helpful and cool. 
Sirjesto - Checking over my work and fixing some rookie mistakes I probably made
Ic0nIc0de - Curator's Companion support
Kriana - Replica Tempering support

My stuff:
That Guy#8995 on Discord, or Spacedroner just about anywhere else. Feel free to DM me suggestions or feedback, whatever is comfy for you. 

Check out my profile for LOTD patches and any misc. junk I decide to upload.