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NordwarUA - QuestionableKhajiit - Icecreamassassin - revonoc

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Patches the Guard Armors from Simply Realistic Armor and Weapons to work on LOTD's guard displays. Only meshes!

All credit to QuestionableKhajiit for his mod, and NordwarUA for the meshes.

Permissions and credits
Unofficial LOTD Patch -- please do not bug the LOTD team about anything related to this

Fixes completely broken displays in LOTD's armory when using QuestionableKhajiit's Simply Realistic Armor and Weapons and Legacy of the Dragonborn together. Obviously requires the two mods, or at least the "stormcloak" meshes and textures from Simply Realistic Armor and Weapons. This mod only patches guard armor, as most of the other meshes don’t require patching — though I don’t use all armor replacers from Simply so if you notice any other messed up displays let me know — for instance: 

NOTE: I do not personally use the Heavy Imperial mesh replacers from QuestionableKhajiit's mod. If you do, YMMV! Let me know if you need me to patch those as well (for the Solitude guard boots and gloves, I'd imagine). Wouldn’t be too hard if necessary. 

There is still some clipping on the arms of the displays -- if i figure out how to fix that, I'll upload :)


Simply Realistic Armor and Weapons (guard armors)
Legacy of the Dragonborn

Tools: Used Nifskope and Outfit Studio. Checked for errors using Sniff.

Compatibility: Will never harm your game, as they are just meshes, add and remove at will. Will obviously look dumb if you don't have Simply Realistic's guard armors, and won't do anything if you don't have LOTD.

Credits to QuestionableKhajiit, NordwarUA, and the LOTD Team / IceCreamAssassin :)