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This mod replaces the thieves guild armour, shrouded armour, shrouded robes, steel armour, steel plate armour, scaled armour and leather armour with specific NordWarUA armours.

I made none of these assets, all credit goes to NordWarUA. Alternative Steel Plate Helmet is credited to defunkt and Dawnguard Full Helmet Replacer model goes to

Permissions and credits
Armours that are replaced and what they are being replaced with:

The Thieves Guild Armour is replaced with the "leather armour" found in NordWarUA's Realistic Armour mod.

Iron Armour is replaced by the Iron Armour found in NordWarUA's Realistic Armour mod.

Steel Armour is replaced with the "mercenary armour" found in NordWarUA's Realistic Armour Mod.

Dawnguard Heavy Armour is replaced by the medium silver hand armour(the one with pauldrons but no chest plate) found in NordWarUA's Minor Factons Armour, while using the Paladin Of Stendarr Helmet mod by Mixhone as the full helmet replacer.

Dawnguard Light Armour is replaced by the light silver hand armour(the one with no pauldrons and no chest plate) found in NordWarUA's Minor Factions Armour

Executioner Armour is replaced by the leather heavy armor(with chainmail gauntlets, boots and helmet) from NordwarUA Mod Resource

Leather Armour is replaced by "Leather Lamellar" armour found in NordWarUA's Realistic Armour mod.
Scaled Armour and Scaled Horn Armour is replaced by NordWarUA's Scale Nord Armour mod.


Alternate Steel Plate Helmet - Uses defunkt's "Dawnguard Full Helmet Without Insignia" meshes. Still requires Frankly HD.


Simply Realistic Armour and Weapons

Frankly HD Dawnguard Armour and Weapons

Redtox - thieves guild retexture assets I modified for the mod
NordwarUA - most of the assets
Mixhone - Stendarr helmet