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A re-texture & mesh replacer offering 2 alternate replacers for the Vanilla Ebony armor using modified assets created by NordwarUA & Toasty Fresh. A project I created for my personal use and decided to upload. Replaces male & female armor, helmets, and shield. Texture & meshes, NO .ESP required.

Permissions and credits
A project I created for my personal use and decided to upload. This is a simple re-texture & mesh replacer for the Vanilla Ebony armor using modified assets from NordwarUA, Toasty Fresh, & CDProjekt Red. Replaces male & female armor, helmets, and shield. Available in two themes. Matches well with my own upcoming Ebony weapons replacer & Simply Improved Ebony Weapons (NordwarUA Version) shown in the screenshots.

Tremendous thanks to NordwarUA & Toasty Fresh for much of the the original meshes/textures! I only edited the textures, adjusted them in NIFScope, and recompiled them as drop-in replacers. Full credit is due to them and CD Projekt RED's TW3 team for their hard work in modeling & crafting these amazing armors.

I put a lot of work into this to get the environmental maps consistent and the armor uniformly darkened. Hopefully you like it!
As always, let me know of any issues and I'll see what I can do! Thanks for reading.

There are 2 versions to choose from (see screenshots):
  • Light (Default) Version: knightly armor & matching armet helm, with plate armor over mail.
  • "Heavy" Plate Version: heavier-looking sallet helm with plate armor over cloth-covered mail.
Optional Files:
  • Stand-alone helmet replacers (see Screenshots)
  • Some alternate greaves/trouser colors are included, check the textures & rename as appropriate.

This is a stand-alone set which will be part of my larger .esp-less weapons & armor replacer coming soon. (I will not be making standalone
versions at this time, since I am focused on getting the whole project  out).

  • Primarily 2k textures with some 4k, slightly modified & adapted from the originals.
  • Cubemaps assigned to the armor are unique and can be exchanged with one of your own choosing or from another mod - feel free to experiment!
  • There are some clipping issues, and if you look you can see inside the empty helmet (however this is not really noticeable in gameplay)
  • Poor orientation viewing as menu items - I do not know how to fix this.

Coming Soon
-differently Ebony Mail version, along with the option to have the mail version used as an Ebony Mail replacer.
some adjustments as needed to make things more consistent & resolve any problems.
-possibly an alternative version using Mccarthy4's excellent Arch-Knight Judicator Armor and Greatsword (though I may use this one as a different replacement instead!)

Special thanks:
Thanks to ShadowofRayden whose ProjectNordwarUA was the inspiration for this project & my more comprehensive replacer coming soon, and to NordwarUA for permission and porting/creation of the original assets.

Porting, modification, or re-use of this work is ONLY allowed with permission of the original authors of the assets used. BUT if you have a patch, fix, or tweak you've created, feel free to let me know and I will happily upload it here with full credit to you.

NordWarUA's Vanilla Armor Replacers SSE by JDJ3 and NordwarUA
Gothic Plate Armor by Toasty Fresh
CD Projekt RED for original The Witcher 3 assets
Cubemaps by Kartoffels and TheBlenderAnimator

Cathedral Player and NPC Overhaul - HMB II & Nordic Faces - Immersive Characters Overhaul used for screenshots along with Wander.