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This mod was designed to add variety to the armor and clothing worn by Skyrim NPCs.

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This mod was designed to add variety to the armor and clothing worn by Skyrim NPCs. 

This mod was designed to add variety to the armor and clothing worn by Skyrim NPCs. It adds additional armors and clothing available on the NEXUS, creates outfits from the clothing, and subtly integrates the outfits into leveled lists and specific NPCs. In my mod list, it uses the male vanilla body and CBBE for females. However, it is designed to be a replacer esp, so if you do not use the CBBE Bodyslide selections, it should still work. I will be adding more armor and clothing over time.

Current Mods that are required by this mode are 
  • Common Clothes
  • Maid Outfits
  • Rugged Rogue Outfit
  • Wilderness Witch Outfit
  • Practical Pirate Outfit
  • Colovian Noble Clothes
  • Imperial Fine Clothes
  • The Alchemist’s Vestments
  • Breton Apparel - Imperial Renaissance

For Colovian Noble Clothes, Imperial Fine Clothes and Breton Apparel - Imperial Renaissance, I created a CBBE conversion. For all others, I used conversions that were provided on the NEXUS. 

Install with your favorite Mod Manager into your Skyrim\Data folder. I recommend the following installation steps:

STEP 1: Download the respective mod, including any and all options you like. Install this file with your Mod Manager of choice. Remember, the CBBE is OPTIONAL. Since this is a replacer esp, you will need to extract any BSAs that are included with the mod. Specifically, I downloaded and installed the mods in the following order:
STEP 2: DELETE or MOVE (preferred method) each of the above *.esp to Optional. An example from Mod Organizer is shown below. 

STEP 3: Install this mod and make sure the esp is activated. Double check the inactive mods above.

STEP 4 (optional): I recommend that you review your modlist in SSEdit with this mod installed. Since this replaces specific character outfits, appearance mods will likely conflict with this mod and will require patching. With the current tools available, patching is very easy. If anyone wants to do some, I will be more than happy to share them here.

STEP 5: If you are using CBBE, go ahead and build your bodies.

STEP 6: If you want to compare, my load order looks like this (from Mod Organizer)


I would like to thank the mod authors above. They are

Other Appreciation
  • My friend pamposzek for showing me how to do CBBE Conversions.
  • The Modding Community for inspiration