Skyrim Special Edition

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Mikan Eyes What is this? This mod is standalone. This mod adds some new eyes to human races.
Ported to Skyrim Special Edition.

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Mikan Eyes

About the mod: 
-Contains a big variety of standalone new eyes.

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  • Skyrim only Free to use

ご自由に使って頂いて構いません    ---- If you are using it for followers MOD etc., you can use it freely if you mention it in credit and the original author nerune2525.

Special Thanks


nerune2525 for creating the original mod and allowing it to be freely used
True Eyes   by JimtownIrish
The Eyes Of Beauty   by Gabriel Mailhot
Fair Skin Complexion  by HHaleyy
FairyEye & Ren's Beauty Pack by Ren