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A collection of 10 sets of Face, Body, Hand, and Feet paint in a rough barbarian style. Compatible with UUNP and CBBE Female bodies, as well as Male. Also includes a face and bodypaint set (for the female bodies only) inspired by Hellblade 2's promotional material. Also includes some grunge, and some extra more solid bodypaints.

Permissions and credits
---If you like the mod and think it deserves it, feel free to leave an endorsement, this mod has been in the works for many months! Be sure to also check out all the authors who helped screenshot and show them the love they deserve! Also, if you have any pictures you'd like to share using the mod, feel free to post them in the images section!---

A month+ project of mine to create a bunch of new bodypaints in a more barbaric/barbarian style! I am quite proud of these, and feel they will be quite useful for many different kinds of characters. I hope you enjoy them, and find plenty of use from them! The style of these focuses heavily on a more natural looking style, with less emphasis on my usual solid style, and more of a rough painted style! Another important feature of this mod, is for the main 10 sets, you can choose to use a lighter or darker variant of them, that way you can have the paint in white, or in black! Also includes a set of body and facepaint inspired by Hellblade 2!

Whats included?
10 Sets of Unique Barbarian style bodypaints, they come with Face, Body, Hands, and for all but 1, the feet as well! These include light and dark versions!
Body and Face grunge that you can use to add a bit of mess to your character.
Face and Bodypaint inspired by Hellblade 2 promotional materials. (Female Only)
2 Extra Bodypaints in a solid style, for any who like that more than the new technique I used for this mod. 
3 Additional Facepaints, not matching any set, but fit in regardless.

Whats planned for the future?
I may make more paints for this mod in the future! It's feature complete already, and should provide plenty to use as is, though if there is demand for it, I will attempt to make some more! This mod has been a bunch of fun to work on, and I really enjoyed making these.

-Keeping Connected-
To keep connected and updated with mods I am making, follow me on twitter (I also post screenshots regularly) or join my discord server if you want some conversation! All are welcome! Feel free to drop by either and say hi, I love hearing from you all! I appreciate all the support!

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-Important Links-


SKSE - This is required to use tintmasks of much higher quality than what is allowed in vanilla. (And RaceMenu Requires it)
RaceMenu - You will need this to be able to use the mod properly, as the overlays are applied via RaceMenu

-Main Files Descriptions- 
All files are compressed into a BSA, and will take up much less space on your hard-drive than they normally would.
-Please note that in order for the face warpaints/makeups to show up at full resolution, you will need to adjust some settings in the SKSE config, more info on that below-
-Main Version  UNP -
These files install all the UNP textures as well as enabling the RaceMenu functionality of the mod! Overlays added by this version are designed to fit the UNP family of bodies, so choose it if you use 7B, UUNP, UNP or any other UNP variant! Face Overlays are also included to be used if you so choose.

-Main Version  CBBE -
These files install all the CBBE textures as well as enabling the RaceMenu functionality of the mod! Overlays added by this version are designed to fit the CBBE family of bodies, so choose it if you use CBBE, CBBE Bodyslide, or any CBBE variant! Face Overlays are also included to be used if you so choose.

-Main Version  Male -
These files install all the  Male textures as well as enabling the RaceMenu functionality of the mod! Overlays added by this version are designed to fit the male body (with the SAM Foot mesh for feetpaint)! This enables both for use within RaceMenu, and you will not need to switch around files! Face Overlays are also included to be used if you so choose. (Hellblade paint included with this file is UNP)

-Optional Files Descriptions-
-SKSE Tintmask Config 2K and 4K
This file installs a pre-made config that will enable higher resolution tintmasks, also know as Makeups. If you wish to change these yourself, simply consult the Setting up SKSE for HD Tintmasks section!

-Mod Usage-
-NOTE - You can access racemenu at any time by using the "showracemenu" command in the console by pressing the Tilde ~ key-

In order to use the  mod, you will need RaceMenu installed, which allows you much more options for character customization. Inside of RaceMenu, shortly after the normal character customization options, you will find the Makeup, Body Paint, Hand Paint, and Foot Paint sections, with a list of textures inside. To select a texture to add to your character, press "T" over one of the values that show up, which will bring up a large list of all the overlays you have available to you.
 At the bottom there should be a search bar, which you can type into to specify what you are looking for. To help the user to find the overlays that will best fit the character they are using, all overlays added by the mod come with the prefix CO, and followed by the number the overlay corresponds to.
Thus, typing into the search bar in the texture lists "Barbarian" will bring up all the textures added by this! 

Installation is simple, simple extract the files and move the data folder inside to your Skyrim directory. Otherwise, you may use Vortex or NMM to install by choosing download with Vortex/NMM in the files section.
If you installed using Vortex NMM, or any other mod organizer, you will likely be able to uninstall using it.
To uninstall the mod, you may disable, or delete it and its esp. BarbarianPaints.esp and BarbarianPaints.bsa

-Setting up SKSE for HD Tintmasks-
Navigate to your SKSE directory in data, and create/open the SKSE.ini file (you can save as "All file types" and add the .ini after).

Inside, you should add/find [Display]
underneath this, you should add
iTintTextureResolution=2048 (or whatever size textures you are looking to use.)

Here is an example of the contents of SKSE.ini file with the texture resolution set to 2048x2048


Otherwise, if you wish to, you can use a premade config from the miscellaneous files of this mod.
-Thanks for taking a look at this mod I've spent an immense amount of time creating! Also be sure to check out all these authors whom helped me with the screenshots, and a massive thanks to them for all the work and help they gave me with this mod!-
 AndreeaFlt - SmokeyBear187 - Boki - Rexus

-My Other Mods- -LINK-
Here are links to some of my other mods I have made, many of which are focused on character customization, hopefully some of them come in handy if you like my work.