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Over 30 custom races can use the amazing High Poly Head on VectorPlexus. Now with a Vampire head fix and Auto installer.

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So I was looking at all the fantastic high poly presets on nexus and tried to use one of them on a custom race that is similar to the vanilla race of the Preset and the result was bad. If it is not an abomination, it was a head with a different colour from the body. I tried the Xedit for high poly head and I am not even sure what that did. So after I was able to successfully make a patch for one race, I knew what to do I decided to make a patch for the other races.
I have currently made patches for:
  • Young Nord Race

If there is any race you will like a patch for just tell me in the comments. 

All files are Light esp.

  • Use the Face Part slider in RaceMenu to switch to the high poly head.
  • If the head turns dark, change the player weight to force the skin shader to update.
  • Don't forget to also change the vanilla brows/beard/scars to the included high poly versions.

KLF's High Poly Head
Expired for Racemenu
Redshiftja for Ancient Falmer and Timelost Dwemer
Zebsi for Zebsirious Races
nt6486 for Half-Dragon Race
Seren4XX HelloSanta Urshi and co for Ningheim race
Tktk 1 and ECE team for Enhanced Character Edit SE
Schaken for Ygnord race
Bhaktisean for Lunari race
xrayy for Lunari Race SSE compatibility addon
Bc4life for Femboy race
Warriorslax for Aedra and Daedra race
Saxo for Succubus race.
MacBran and Nikitaa for Succubus SSE.
TheUnexpected for Dagi-Raht Race
nikojaeger for Half-Khajiit-Race (Ohmes-Raht)
Vipervenom1977 and ff7legend for Exotic race
Benzkool and TheUnexpected for Yami Neko race
Meirimi, Ranaline and Atsuraelu for RS Children
DesertRanger111 for Total Unique Player 2.0
nowayjustno and ff7legend for Nymph Girls
Psychos1s and Brokefoot for Temptress Race
Murielkai for Faerie Elves - CBBE and UNP
Timotheosh for Lore-Friendly Custom Races
Sunspot2 for Eltmer (Fairy Race)
Aphest for Dawi (Dwarf) Race
Vardens for Akaviri Race
angelmeats and prospectus for Ohmes-Raht Race - a Khajiit Breed - SE
tx12001 for The Path of Transcendence - Lichdom
zzjay for Epic Elves Race
Mudran for Sea Elf Race
esuriddick and Omega1084 for Uchiha Race
FluffEisenkette, butidigress and 
NexusModsCaretaker for Fluff's Khajiit and Argonion SE
Trykz for Forest Nymphs
ShaggyMonster for Drow Race
Digigames for Ayleid Race
FoxinTale for Matera Reborn
Tate Taylor for Lost Races of Aetherius
EvittAlex for The Chiss
Cbrooks1992 for Stone Orc Playable Race_Roq