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Adds the mysterious Men of Akavir as a playable race.

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Akaviri Race- ALPHA

There are very few remains of the culture of the Men of Akavir. Their influence on Tamrielic culture is minimal, however, what remains of the Akaviri culture can be seen in the arms and armor of The Blades, the Dragonborn Emperor's spies and personal guards. This mod allows you to play as one of these enigmatic people.

  • Akaviri Blood - 50% resistance to poison
  • Assassin's Subterfuge - Turns the caster invisible, muffles sounds, and gives night vision for 25 seconds
  • Tsaesci Vampirism - The Curse of Molag Bol affects the Men of Akavir differently. After they were assimilated into the Tsaesci ( vampiric serpent folk of Akavir), new children spawned from the union of the Tsaesci and Men of Akavir appeared. These half-breeds exhibit no vampiric qualities until they are infected with Sanguinaire Vampiris. This awakens their latent Tsaesci blood, allowing them unique abilities that no other vampire in Tamriel has
  • Paralytic Venom - The caster spits a paralytic neurotoxin from their fangs, paralyzing the target for 15 seconds.
  • Corrosive Venom - The caster spits a corrosive venom that from their fangs that burns the target from within and without.
  • Serpentine Eyes - After contracting and turning into a vampire, the Akavir's eyes resemble that of a Tsaesci.

    Any mod that modifies PlayerVampireQuestScript and DLC1VampireturnScript


Click the 'Download with NMM' button and activate the mod in the 'Races, Classes, & Birthsigns' menu.

Manual (Not Recommended): Extract the contents of the archive and place them in your 'Skyrim Special Edition/Data' folder.

Click the 'Deactivate' button in NMM.

Manual (Not Recommended): Go to the files section and view the files within the archive. Delete them from your Data folder.

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