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One might ask, how come there are fairies in Skyrim? Fairies are legendary, not real!
Just remember that until very recently dragons were also "legends" and "children stories"

Permissions and credits
The Eltmeri or Holy Elves

    The Eltmeri are descendants of the Aldmeri and closely related to the Ayleids. Contrary to the Ayleids though, the Eltmeri followed a different path to adapt to the new home in Tamriel. They never developed a civilization. Instead, as they disagreed with the ambitious path of civization taken by the Ayleids, the Eltmeri have chosen to adapt to life in Tamriel forming small groups of tribes in deep interaction with nature and researching the natural magic potential of the continent. At first, the Eltmeri were very friendly to humans, but - as the Ayleid civilization advanced, the Eltmeri took refuge in hiding and, due to unknown reasons (some say that a plague killed too many Eltmeri women, the Eltmeri say the plague were the Ayleids), they got used to raid the villages of the Nedes and steal their women. As a result of that, they much resemble humans in appearance and, contrary to other elves, have no obsession with "racial purity". Notwithstanding their efforts,  the Eltmeri dwindled in number and because of this most people believe the Eltmeri are only a myth. They prefer hiding and, when they meet other people, the Eltmeri say they are "People of the Forests". 
    As a result of their love of nature, magic, and sunlight - and the need to remain hidden from men and other elves - the Eltmeri developed forms of magic akin to alteration, but specialized in changing their shape and projecting their spirits in different physical forms. Because of this, most people believe the Eltmeri are only a myth and think they are fairies or other spirits of the forests.
    The Eltmeri are highly skilled in magic and there is no school of magic they cannot master. They are also agile and very proficient in hand to hand combat. Almost as a natural compensation to that, their forms of magic make them weak to many kinds of metal, so they avoid direct contact with metals. Consequently, the Eltmeri have no skills with any weapons other than bone or stone daggers, axes, and simple longbows.
Due to their affinity with creatures of nature, a few Eltmeri felt compelled to attempt to form a bond with the  dragons that were recently seen in  Skyrim and to try to attain a deeper understanding of what is the root of their connection - if there is any - with these mighty creatures of "legend". 




Racecompatibility for Skyrim Special Edition


Dynamic Animation Replacer

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE


01 - Install SKSE64
02 - Install SKYUI
03 - Install Racecompatibility and chose the options for your setup.
04 - Install CBBE.
05 - Install Dynamic Animation Replacer
06 - Install XPMSE
07 - Install this mod

Play it and use the MCMenu to set your wing color and hotkeys for the transform powers.
As an Eltmer your character will get 5 special powers (that can be set to hotkeys in the MCM Menu):

Eltmer Focus: Use it to change from human form to fairy form and vice versa.

Eltmer Light: Use it to emit light or stop emiting it.

Greater Fairy Dust: The default state of the fairy form is to hover at a fixed distance from the ground. Use this power to go to FLYING mode.

Fairy Dust: Use it to toggle between two different HOVER heights.

Lesser Fairy Dust: Use it to make your fairy to walk in the ground.


Warnings and Conflicts

This mod changes the following game options dynamically:


This is done to adjust camera, jump and speed when your character change in size and is not done permanently. On load, the game will go back the values you choose to put in the [Camera] section of your Skyrim.ini. Just "change form" and the mod values will kick in. This way you can play other races with values independent from this mod.
The mod WILL conflict with any mod that changes the same effects, like mods to adjust your camera position or jump and speed. That conflict might not break your game, but it will cause a great loss in framerates. Also, it seems Dynamic Animation Replacer Mods might sometimes conflict with FNIS, so using Nemesis instead of FNIS is preferable.

Credits and Permissions

This mod uses assets from:
Fair Skin Complexion - by HHaleyy 
Tempered Skins for Males - by traa108 (also a big thanks to MokChaoticran - for CMO - Complete Male Overhaul)
Fine Face Textures for Men and Smooth body textures for Better Males and SOS - both by Urshi
Flyable Broomstick - by J3X
Hovering Idle and Combat Animations - WIP - by Khenta

Elegant Flying Animations - by RohZima 
Animated Fairy Wings - by Anton and me

All used with permission and my deep thanks, please check their mods and endorse them.

   During the creation of this mod, I asked many other authors for permission to use assets from their mods, the permissions here will be updated when these assets are included in future versions of this mod. If your assets are already used here and I didn't credited you or have permission from you, please inform me and I'll rectify the situation immediately.