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Ultracricket - mrheadhopper - ak0d

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Female-only armor made by Ultracriket, now with 3BA v2 support.

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Snow White Armor - SE CBBE 3Ba v2

This great mod by Ultracriket has been overlooked for a bit. I always loved it and wanted to make it compatible with SSE, now after some experience I've been able to do so to a standard I'm happy to share. There are some additional features in this version too.

You can find the original LE mod by mrheadhopper here, and Ultracriket's deviantart page here.

What's new?

  1. CBBE 3BA v2 BodySlide files.
  2. Craftable light and heavy armor versions in one .esp.
  3. Instead of relying on automatic slider conforming, I hand-conformed the breastplate area. You'll find that most breast sliders have been deleted, instead being replaced by a single hand-made "Breastplate" slider that controls the bust size. The breastplate ranges from slightly smaller than the original to fairly large, but still within what a blacksmith would realistically be able to produce.
  4. ESL-flagged plugin to save a slot.
  5. New HD cubemap from Humus Cubemaps for Skyrim.

Both versions are craftable at the smithy with the Advanced Armors perk. They can also be tempered. Boots and gloves not included--but vanilla iron matches pretty well.

There is an optional diffuse map in textures\personal\sw\original. This is Ultracriket's original texture. The default texture has been edited by mrheadhopper to fit closer to amidianborn iron textures. If you want to use the original textures, just drag the file out of \original\ into \sw\. Personally I prefer the default texture by mrheadhopper.

Requires 3BA v2 obviously, and to be built in BodySlide. I've included pre-built meshes for convenience.
Make sure that BodyZap is ticked when you build!


Version 2.0 - Updated to 3BA v2
Version 1.0 - Initial release.

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