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A small Imperial Cult-themed monastic cell in the Temple of the Divines, modeled after a real-life Christian monk's room.

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The obedient man may come to the altars of the Nine and be blessed, and may receive the comfort and healing of the Nine, and may give thanks for his manifold blessings.

The Rector's Chamber

Hidden away amongst the upper floors of Solitude's Temple of the Divines is the old rectory. Providing refuge from the busy din of Solitude's streets, the rectory was long used as the domicile of the administrator of the Imperial Cult in Solitude. Though it has been vacant since the outbreak of the Stormcloak Rebellion, it remains a safe, clean, and comfortable lodging, perfect for study, clerical work, and prayer.

It is a very small home, but much care has been put in its furnishing. There are alchemy and enchantment facilities, as well as a Shrine of Talos (making up for the lack of it downstairs) yet undiscovered by the Thalmor. For your smithing needs, refer to the Solitude smithy. A map marker has been placed on the balcony just outside the rectory for your fast travel convenience.

To find the chamber, enter the Temple of the Divines in Solitude and go up the first set of the stairs to your right. Go past the area with the two tables and food, until you reach the door leading outside. Grab the key from the strongbox, and head through the rectory door.

The chamber is fully navmeshed, featuring time of day-aware ambient lights, a well rested buff-giving bed, a couple idle markers for your followers, two safe containers, and three new books from TES IV: Oblivion.

The Rector's Chamber is perfect for priests, crusaders, templars, knights, and even thieves or vampires hiding in plain sight.

Please let me know of any missing textures, bugs, etc in the posts section.


Install your usual way, but I recommend Mod Organizer 2.


Version 2.0
- Moved the location to mitigate tardis effect. The door is at the other end of the temple now, on the floor level above the altars.
- Lots of lighting changes. General look is the same, quality is better.
- Added more storage to the area above the bed, plus a scriptless ladder to go up and down.
- Made a version especially for JK's Temple of the Divines.

Version 1.3
- I noticed that NAT makes some vanilla omni lights into shadow-casting lights, which put the cell over the limit. Replaced those vanilla lights with identical custom objects for better compatibility.
- Small misc tweaks, including lighting (fixed floating shadows)
- Made the door frame to the
bed area a bit narrower for a more cosy feel.

Version 1.2
- Fixed some typos in the books
- Fixed candle placement outside the room

Version 1.1
- Removed duplicate .esp from the download
- Cleaned the plugin

Version 1.0
- Initial Release


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In case you're interested, here is the image I loosely based this mod on. I tried to preserve the bare, humble religious aesthetic without making just an ugly barebones room (we all know the immense power of clutter, lmao). Hopefully you'll find the project successful.